Friday, February 26, 2010

Much Too Much

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  1. Ben!

    Not got much else to say.

  2. Meghan, that old guy has been watching you undress from the bushes outside your house for 10 years, and he’s been letting out air biscuits the entire time. Ever wonder why your azaleas always smell like ass? Now you know.

  3. Ben is drunk on his mom’s wine ($40) and passed out in front of his mom’s computer. Don’t you remember?

  4. So Cassierae’s status is from the morning after?

  5. Giving dome?! does that mean giving head ?

  6. That’s what I’m thinking Desolation Row.

    LOL @ Sensible Madness.

  7. Geeezus, Lamebook. If you’re going to post fake shit, at least get the font right.

  8. @7 In firefox you can have a webpage display in a user-selected font. Could be legit.

  9. giving dome = giving a blow job

  10. If a girl told me she wanted to “give me dome”, I’d probably be scared if I had no idea what it was. It doesn’t sound pleasant.

    At least Faith ended with “peace” so we know that none of this was hostile…

  11. Poor Meghan. Everyone does those sneaky farts when they think they can get away with it, just really bad luck to get caught out by the weird random old stalker man

  12. Cassierae, that is a filthy analogy. Just can’t get my mind around it.
    Having said that, it is time for breakfast at my place, and a muffin is exactly what I want.

  13. I’m curious about the lecture topic?

  14. sounds like Cassierae is doing some post-blumpkin clean up.

    (I didn’t even know what the fuck a blumpkin was yesterday)

  15. Somehow, Faith just didn’t manage to convince me. And I’m gullible.

  16. @lamebookpro: That’s the beauty of Lamebook. You learn something fucking disgusting every day 😉

  17. Faith shows real faith.

  18. Yeah ee, me too, can’t say I’ve been in a lecture that got me that turned on.
    Had a few lecturers though, that indeed, have. It had nothing to do with what they were saying.
    lamebookpro and Hobo, right on!

  19. @BritishHobo & wordpervert. yeah thank God for lamebook. I might have called my daughter or wife “my little blumpkin” (it’s such a cute word for something so vile) one day around a bunch of youngsters…whew

  20. Cassierae’s status is a reference to a female comedian who was on a comedy special on a Canadian television network earlier this week. She said something like “cleaning diarrhea off of a baby boy’s scrotum is like scraping butter off of an English muffin”. I was seriously shocked to see this here. Thought I was the only one lame enough to be watching the CBC. Her name pisses me off though.

  21. someones name is storm. dope.

  22. Who scrapes the butter OFF a muffin anyway? I slather it on.
    Go heart attack!

  23. I must be getting old…as soon as I read wordpervert’s post, I immediately flashed back to Chet from “Weird Science…”

  24. Is it just me? Does having an H in Meghan, make it look kinda masculine? wth. Meg-‘han. Reminds me of Genghis Khan. Anyway…

  25. I wish the lectures I attended made me horny. That would have been rather enjoyable.

  26. Get your minds out of the gutter, Luisa is OBVIOUSLY talking about her ass hurting due to all the delicious taco bell she ate the night before.

  27. Based on Cassieraes profile pic she was talking about her baby – but anyway, it still is disgusting :-/

  28. Can anybody think of a reason why they’d want to go a whole week without pooping?

  29. Ooo Tatjana, get you with your scary analogy-based threats. You totally don’t sound retarted. Peace.

    Meghan is titting funny though 😀

  30. The one with Dani is just weird. Who would deliberately aim for constipation!?! Someone must like it tight…

  31. How the hell do you scrap butter?

    Ben – partner, child or animal?

  32. meghan sounds like a real catch, loves to far and go to dunkin donuts…………..

  33. I don’t think she was constipated on purpose! that poor poor girl.

  34. cassieraes’ status is written in “times new roman” font. it means it’s fake like jesus’ miracles.

  35. @ dingu, If you bothered to read the above comment by ribenalion firefox allows you to have a user selected font to display a web page, it could be a plausible reason for the alternative font.

  36. Mhn77 (#30): I wondered the same thing too. She does sound like she was aiming to finish the whole week without going, as if this was something in any way desirable, and was unhappy because she failed at this and finally let go before the week was up. But it makes more sense if the unhappy face is simply because she isn’t “poopin”, rather than the opposite. Then it would just mean she doesn’t express herself very well.

  37. uh, im sorry. but jesus miracles are stll falke anyway.

  38. It would be a miracle if people could proofread before they click submit.

  39. …and also be capable of actually spotting the errors.

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