Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thanks for the Support

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  1. Andrew is fake.

  2. sasquatch is real

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Wow, how much douchiness can this guy cram onto one face?

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    He could probably add a backwards cap. Other than that, I see no room for improvement on the Douche-Scumbag scale.

  5. That man is clearly homeless. How the fuck is he meant to pay child support?

  6. Just Andres is fake? Not the whole thing?

  7. Didn’t know Danny Bonaduce had a beard

  8. carlosspicyweiner

    Leave my dad alone, you bastards!

  9. Hey Franky, you’ve clearly never seen ZZ Top without the sunglasses! He’s loaded. Just forgetful.

  10. My daughter is dating a man very similar to this. Total douche. No job, no education, no emotion. I can’t believe that I actually allow them to fuck in the basement on Friday nights. What am I thinking? Im usually liberal when it comes to sex (I let my son have 2 girls down there one time), but with a shaggy guy like that, no fucking way I’m allowing my beautiful baby girl to be ramshackled like a dog by that guy when she should be studying or finding a decent boyfriend. Ive got the guns ready, and I ain’t scared.

  11. ^Is this like Fight Club where you turn out to be both guys?

  12. He does kinda look like he’s hiding his depression and overwhelming sadness behind his fake smile. I don’t know…give him a panflute and a pair of hooves and he’d be set!

  13. the panflute could be interesting, ‘coz I doubt he has any teeth.

  14. Oh hai. It’s me just checking to see if my abstention from posting returned this to the magically hilarious place it used to be before I single-handedly ruined it.
    Nothing yet, I see.

  15. Well, hey there Teeko, sorry to disappoint apparently I took your place for a couple days, ya know, when I started sharing sandwich recipes and shit! You all healed up now?

  16. As healed up as you can get from a week in Puerto Vallarta. Darn tequila will be the death of me yet.
    You were in the kitchen makin’ sammiches?

  17. Yeah I know, wtf right? You turn into an alcoholic and I spent some time in the kitchen…was like a bad episode of trading places!

  18. …that never seems to end.

  19. …like the song, Ms? You know? The…song?

  20. no. but I bet it’s shit.

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  22. ^stinky indian

  23. Damn, I went back too many pages, and now I find teeko lurking here, for fuck’s sake.
    Seriuosly though, teeko, there were some pretty funny postings (read: comments) in the more recent pages before this one. Don’t go there and single-handedly ruin it, s’il vous plaît.

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