Monday, March 25, 2013

Thanks James

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  1. James is like, “I do NOT accept this challenge!”

  2. 19 people got deleted.. Haha

  3. ^You mean 17

  4. Unless those douche bags liked their own comments, I mean 19.

  5. 14-19 people got deleted. Does that work better for you Chief?

  6. Why would she delete the people who liked her own comment?

  7. I’m talking about James and Ant

  8. There are 17 people who liked James and Ant’s comments, and then there’s James and Ant themselves. So that’s 19 people. Unless they liked each others’ comments, then we’re back to 17.

  9. necrophiliac64258

    I bet with a little bit of moonshine she becomes everyone’s girl

  10. Like I said 14-19 people had there part in probably pissing her off. Idk who liked what but a total of 19 people liked/commented on it so I figured I would say 19. I wasn’t aware my comment would be this scrutinized, I’ll say 17 next time. Sorry guys. Like I said I AM the lamest booker

  11. necrophiliac64258

    Don’t do it again cunt^^^

  12. I can think of at least three ways James could solve his problem by himself.

  13. I’m confused… Why is the time o the post highlighted?

  14. Not scrutinized..I just wasn’t including the 2 commenters. I got it now.

  15. lamesthooker, damn, give up already.

  16. Your a bitch.

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