Monday, November 18, 2013

That Blows

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  1. Mobydkman wouldve fanned them by hand or towel dried them… Or just watched them like paint drying..

  2. If you keep going to the swinger-club to work out, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  3. Hahahahaha, fucking hilarious Stever! Haha! Book ’em Dano!

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  5. I blow dry my balls. Nothing worse than sticky sack. You will find out when yours finally drop Steeever.

  6. They cut off the part where the OP finished by saying: “And I just stood there, and stared at his big, beautiful, hairy balls flopping around. Holy geez I wanted to lick ’em!”

  7. I just walk around the house nude and they dry themselves on the carpet

  8. “We’re doing this again?”

  9. Great discussion between Steeever and Mobykman. You guys have to try and get along. We’re in this together guys. Who will be the adult and offer love and kindness first?

  10. Who wants to apply gold bond to a moist pelvic region? Not old men, that’s not who.

  11. #9 – And who will be the little boy??

  12. ^ lets sees who man’s up. I’m hoping for a face to face meeting, air out issues, realize they are actually best mates from way back, they just was caught up in the Lamebook troll side of things.

  13. I’ll send him a Christmas card. It’s a start.

  14. Not only disgusting, but also inconsiderate. As soon as the blow dryer sends a loose pube up in the air and it lands on you or your things, you have to take your own shower all over again.

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