Thursday, November 3, 2011

That Forgetful Feeling

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  1. it’s pretty lonely in here…

  2. You are not alone…

  3. When you realise how many lurkers there are, it’s actually rather pretty creepy in here
    Never forget. They’re watching you…

  4. Me? Watching? Nah. I’m not even here anymore… left ages ago.


  5. LOL…. lurk lurk….

  6. Every step you take …..

  7. The art of conversation is truly dead.

  8. i’m a lurker… but now that i’ve commented, i guess i’m not. oops.

  9. Me too but I use a bug me not log in so I could be any number of people….

  10. Why would anyone friend their teachers? (Or bosses, for that matter.)

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