Wednesday, July 17, 2013

That Rocks!

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  1. Why was there a spotlight shining on an empty wall?

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  3. cool story bro

  4. Mona, I’m sorry you had to find out this way, but your neighbor’s ex-wife was just arrested by the FBI. Apparently she was involved in some pretty serious international drug-running, which naturally led to her getting caught-up in human trafficking. While the agents were questioning her, she lunged for one of their guns, and was violently subdued. She’s now under suicide watch in Quantico while they decide if she should be tried in DC or the Hague.

    Sure, she made $85 every hour, and $14202 last month, but was it worth it?! WAS IT?!!!

  5. ^ Those heartless bastards, all they want is the monies.

  6. #1 Occasionally when museums are changing exibits they don’t have the new one yet but have to take the old one down to ship it somewhere. I doubt the spotlights are separately wired so there you go.

    I think that after this he/she should have backed away to get photos of the people, then try to sell those to the museum as post modern art.

  7. I did the same thing once with a turd I had just laid and after two minutes I was arrested.

  8. #6 – Poor planning on the part of the museum, if that’s actually what it was. You should have your replacement ready BEFORE you remove old exhibits.

  9. Or maybe it was all intentional… since most contemporary art is BS, anyway.

  10. First, the guy with the chinese fire drill story, and now this. This is a great troll, and, although I’ve never been to one, I will be going to an art exhibit just to do this.

  11. What if the blank wall/empty podium WAS a piece of art, and you went and blocked it with a rock. Damn hoodlums.

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