Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tough Times

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  1. sleptwithghosts

    So going on about candy crush being hard is a thing now? Yeah that is pretty lame.

  2. The battle of Troy.

  3. I’m going to be the grammar nazi today. Misuse of ‘and I’ really bugs me. If you take out the other person’s name (i.e ‘tough on Hilary and I’) and it doesn’t make sense (tough on I) then you should have said ‘[name] and me’. It’s been tough on me… It’s been tough on Hilary and me… So there you go.

    I’m sure nobody cares but I had to say it. I’ll go back to my little grammar cave now.

  4. OMFG THIS ^. People say “and I” to sound proper, and they do…they sound like proper idiots.

    P.S. I heard “Tough on I” in a Jamaican accent.

  5. The grammar error is definitely the most interesting thing about this post. Fuck lamebook is getting boring.

    For your enjoyment, another rant about language:

  6. Scalabrineisgod

    They forgot to add shameless plug. Honestly i wonder how much candy crush had to pay. This was like that week where there were 3 posts about some obscure supermarket nobody cares about. Seems like a strange place to stick advertisement but what do i know?

  7. my neighbor’s ex-wife makes $85 every hour on the internet. She has been laid off for 10 months but last month her income was $14202 just working on the internet for a few hours. Read more here… can99.ℂ­om

  8. mona a/s/l ?

  9. Me think that saying “tough on Hilary and I” is correct. However, me come from a country where objective and subjective forms of pronouns are reversed, so it sounds normal to I. So don’t be so hard on Troy — maybe him comes from the same country.

  10. Me heart merle. Where have you been hiding?

  11. I remember when Tetris was the shit…

  12. No, wait, I don’t.

  13. Merle I just really and literally (yes literally) laughed out loud at your post. 😀

  14. *high five’s Merle*

  15. Me think Merle1971 sound like Jar Jar Binks.

  16. Tetris still is the shit.

  17. @ Mona: I am your neighbor’s ex-wife! and it’s because of you that John and I got divorced. Yes, Mona, I know all about my now-ex-husband’s affair with you, you trollop. I saw how you had been eyeing him for months. Well good he’s all yours now. and to add insult to injury, you tell everyone that been laid off for 10 months and how much I am making now! Have you no SHAME?! Yes I was off for 10 months…to have John’s baby! But here’s a secret, Mona – the baby is actually YOUR husband’s! Cat’s out of the bag now.

    Ps stop going through my garbage! Garbage picker!

  18. Fuck off with the candy crush references already. There is nothing special or unique about that game. Nothing. This is confirmed by the large amounts of brainless mass who are attracted to this piece of shit via its whoring of bright colours and gimmicky marketing ploys.


    And… Breathe.

  19. *high fives Enchiridion*

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