Thursday, April 18, 2013

That Sucks…

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  1. Wow…you have to be a dumbass to not realize that. Clearly the dirt still being there would be a good indicator it wasn’t on, no?

  2. I read this as an advert – brought to you by the pro-enforced-euthanasia board of America (PEEBA)

  3. i guess their vacuum doesn’t vibrate either? a special vacuum for a special person.

  4. Ah, my next target.

  5. Reminds me of that video of the cleaner vacuuming, even though the hose has come apart from the actual unit. So she’s got all the sound, but no suction.

  6. Also, presumably your playlist is not one continuous song. How do you not notice there’s no sound between songs?

  7. My hoover vibrates – I love it.

  8. ^ Do you at least tip it when you’re done?

  9. ^Nope, I store it up. Mayonnaise ain’t cheap, bro.

  10. That sucks, or does it?

  11. A good vacuum sucks.

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