Wednesday, July 11, 2012

That’s One Way to Look at it…

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  1. Someone needs a hug…

    …or to get laid. Methinks the latter.

  2. Yeah, really. What the fuck?

  3. ohhh rabid feminists… aren’t they cute???

    no, no they are not

  4. Fákê

  5. Can someone provide the translation or synopsis of what it means. I understood none of that?


  7. High heels are for wimps.. foot-binding is where it’s at.

  8. I like it when people point out the stupidity of common practices

  9. As it happens this is my twin brother’s, I submitted it a few days ago.
    I can assure you he’s not a rabid feminist at all, quite the opposite in fact, he’s a hilarious mysogynist, but out of context I can see how it could be misconstrued. Well done to the 51 people who realised it was a humorous post.

    Warmest regards, Jimmy.

  10. JimmyTheSaint, fuck you. I just clicked on Dislike (117 and counting) because you made me read your tedious comment. You’re about as unfunny as your twin brother. Also, because you thought this was so hilarious that it deserved to be submitted to a humour site. Really, fuck you

  11. Ha ha ha.

  12. still, there is something in the fact that a misogynistic asshole could be flawlessly substituted for a rabid feminist…

  13. Bacchante – I made it 125. But that’s cuz I just didn’t think it was funny. So, well done to the 125 people who really didn’t think the post was humorous.

  14. I honestly don’t see what’s not funny about this. bubble-headed bitches who totally bought into that ‘beauty myth’ bullshit and paint themselves up like clowns whilst staggering around amusingly snapping ankles are….oh. wait a second, I just got why this isn’t so funny.
    corsets are sexy as fuck.

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