Tuesday, June 12, 2012

That’s What You Get…

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  1. Methinks that somebody is not getting *any* love..

  2. Dawn of the Dan


  3. Fake

  4. “Fuck your puppy love bullshit” – WTF?

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  6. I don’t love puppies. They become loud smelly dogs.

  7. …yeah, in this day and age, I’m sure the poster was the only one with a phone. -_-

    Thank jehsus for my car phone, Life Alert, and pager… this would never happen to me.

  8. How did he know none of them had a phone before he pulled over? Moronic.

  9. I fucked his wife.

  10. #7… Yes, your pager will keep you alive when you’re in a burning car with a broken skull.

  11. ^if I was in a burning car with a broken skull, pretty sure I wouldn’t want to be kept alive.
    The future is not looking like much fun.

  12. #6 I don’t know where you’re from Hawky, but puppies don’t turn into loud obnoxious dogs here….they turn into tasty chicken w/ frwied wice 😀

  13. He was probably delirious with pain. Pain makes you say and do all sorts of things that you normally wouldn’t. Trust me, it happens. He most likely hates her guts and is cheating on her and figures that he’d better get square with the house in case he checks out. But who knows? He might be one of those weird dudes who actually loves his wife, but I doubt it. Well, that’s my take on it, anyway.

    Also, Blues to win tonight and equalise the State of Origin series. Go Blues!

  14. Way to go word, ruin all my love story fantasies!

  15. This reminds me of my fourteenth wife’s pelvis swamp.. that was a fucking car crash that regularly got taken care of by paramedics too.

  16. The most amazing part to me was that no one had cell phones. So therefore I say FAKE!!!!

  17. My pager is clipped to my Hammer pants at all times for exactly this reason.

    Clearly this man realized sweet death was his only way out of his sexless marriage and was hoping to bleed out whilst they attended to his wife.

  18. ^ Hammer pants… HA!

  19. Your boys did well last night, word. It’ll make for an exciting decider. 7 in a row for Queensland!!

  20. Reality check, is all, baps. Sorry, hun.

    Fuck, I laughed, dak.

    They did, didn’t they? But I think it’s our turn this year, Bacc. It’s time.

  21. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I broke my skull once. That’s why I post the things I post.

  22. What’s everyone else’s excuse?

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