Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Ball is in Your Court

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  1. I have had a tongue piercing (its not a ring, dumbasses) for ten years now, since I was just on the cusp of my 16th birthday. I wanted it since I was 12 and not once was it for the purpose of sucking dick. fuck that. I got it cause at the time the spice girls and the prodigy were big and not that I liked the spice girls but tongue piercings seemed the thing to do between about 1996-2000. everyone had them at the time. I didn’t do it to wag my tongue at people to play with it or to suck dick, I just liked the way they looked and wanted it bad. ten years on I still love it and it feels so wrong taking it out. in saying that about the ten years thing, I have not once swallowed a ball from the top of it, why? because I tighten the fucker with my sleeve, yeah, something DRY. otherwise the ball is just going to slip around in your saliva and not tighten properly.

  2. Anna – I agree, they are dumbasses. A lot of you are claiming to have tongue rings, have you not actually noticed they’re not rings? They’re barbells. Very few people actually have a tongue ring.

    slippyslappy – that is exactly the reason why you should get pierced. Evileddy is just stirring.

    wordpervert – a mate of mine has a prince albert, he recently got a 6mm ring put in it, it’s fucking huge! (the ring that is, the cock is average size).

  3. Who's That Girl?

    @Anna & Ligeia – Not a tongue ring? Just out of curiosity, what do you call jewelery you put in an ear piercing that is not a ring? If it’s a post, stud, or dangly piece of jewelry, do you still call them your earRINGS??? Tongue ring is just as appropriate as barbell…dumbasses.

  4. Tongue rings are so skanky. (everybody calls barbells tongue rings you dumbasses!).

  5. @ Who’s That Girl?: I don’t really wear much ear jewellery and none of them are rings. I tend to refer to them by what they are (penguins, owls, ladybirds etc.) I don’t call them rings when they clearly aren’t. It’s just ignorance/laziness that people wouldn’t bother to find out the actual name for the jewellery.

    Most people don’t even realise I have my tongue pierced because my mouth is small and you can’t see it when I talk. And if you’re the kind of person who would judge someone for having their tongue pierced (she must be a slut because she has her tongue pierced) then you are very sad indeed.

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