Thursday, May 6, 2010

Win of Mass Destruction

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  1. Madrid on fire

    First mother fuckers!

  2. Dang! #2

  3. liketotallycool

    ‘destroying’ the bathroom… Yeah, my brother does that too.

  4. i am seriously thinking of abandoning lamebook , it’s not even funny nor is it really gross

    Ok you shat in the 7/11 and it was obviously nasty , oh and the one after you was a cop

    Man this is a boring post and i am an easy to please kind of guy so go figur …

  5. Madrid on fire

    Some people at my office do that, so now we put some candles for them in it. If they do it, they will light the candles.
    It should be a thing of decency!

  6. Am I the only one who a) Thought this was just pathetic and not funny in the least and b) feels sorry for the poor minimum wage 7-11 employee that has to clean the bathroom? Neil should have at least left a tip!

  7. SkarkBait, yes and yes.

    Dumb post is dumb.

  8. And I meant Shark, but hey, I just woke up so give me a fuckin’ break. And Skark sounds cooler.

  9. Madrid on fire

    @SharkBait, I am with you on this… Chris should die drowned on his own shit.

  10. Madrid on fire

    Sorry, that is for Neil. And a tip is not enough… really!

  11. Skark does have a nice ring to it…

  12. This is horseshit

  13. @Fanny-Anne Actually it’s Neil that shit and I also feel for the 7-11 clerk.

  14. @ 4 & 6: Ditto, ditto. I’m still waiting for the “win” on this post. So anticlimactic.

  15. I love that I gained a new name skarkbait.

  16. how’d this horsefuckery get on lamebook. bullshit

  17. Dissapointing Lamebook Fail.

  18. This isn’t funny.

  19. krasivaya_devushka

    Uhh wtf?!? This isn’t even funny at all; just dumb!

  20. This shit stinks

  21. @krasivaya_devushka, what are you saying? That it might be lame? Nah, couldn’t put lame stuff on

    I mean, not on a website with the slogan, “the funniest and lamest of facebook,” that would be absurd.

  22. As an Aussie, I’m assuming this one is from our part of the world.

    “Melbourne’s finest” is an oxymoron.
    No such thing, corrupt little force that it is.

    They still look hot in their uniforms though.

  23. I agree with iDubya
    Some of yall may be ‘easy to please’ or whatever, but you’re looking at a lot of these posts the wrong way. Go back to the some of the first posts of lamebook. They weren’t the funniest things ever, but they’re here because they are LAME. This, is LAME as well. This guys a loser and his friends are too. That’s why its here…

  24. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    If it’s supposed to be lame, then why is it labeled as a WIN

  25. @iDubya and howdy – stop talking so much shit and being so smug about it. Especially you iDubya. It’s supposed to be lame AND funny (as if you didn’t know). This is lame as in bullshit. Dukey Smoothy Buns is right…why is it labeled WIN? The only place this would be a win is in primary school

  26. Uh, I can barely make sense of this. So… the guy took a big shit in a 7/11 bathroom and then ran away?

    That’s not even worth acknowledging.

  27. I didn’t know the 7/11’s here had toilets.. thought it was just a staff toilet?

  28. @lamebookpro
    I don’t know what you think is smug, but that’s not what I was getting at. My bad for not noticing the label, just trying to defend good ol lamebook! You are right though, this is not a win whatsoever

  29. Riveting tale there, Neil!

  30. @howdy – my bad. It’s actually iDubya that’s being smug.

  31. C’mon, guys. This post can’t be that bad. After all, Alen thought it was funny?

  32. @ faithama I know Alen knows funny! He must be some kind of comedy genius.

  33. Surely it should be a ‘weapon of ass destruction’ .. Just for that, this is a fail!

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  35. lol

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