Friday, June 14, 2013

The Belief

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  1. There’s also the whole thing about the US banknotes being legal tender and backed by the Federal Reserve. But besides that they’re the same thing.

  2. One thing they certainly have in common is that the “banker” is constantly dipping his/her greedy little paws into the cash. Their “job” is pretty much to screw you out of your own money and being overly willing to let you mortgage your property, and definitely eager to assist you on the road to bankruptcy.

  3. Yeah, there’s more to this joke than face value. :rim shot:

  4. But when I wash the one on the right, the underwear gnomes steal it.

  5. Park place and boardwalk are a must.

  6. Oooh OOOHH! Another difference is that strippers/dancers won’t accept the one on the right as a valid form of compensation for their services. Not that I have much experience with them other than dating/being friends with a few of them back in the day, and currently friends with another.

    Monopoly money also doesn’t increase/decrease in value depending on the shit state of the American economy. A dollar bill may be slowly losing it’s very real value, but it still serves its purpose.

    Just because someone says it’s only perceived value doesn’t make them right…The perception of the value is completely irrelevant when you realize that the whole bullshit concept OP is trying to fill peoples heads with is just that, a bullshit “philosophically” flawed idea.

    From a realists point of view, that Monopoly money isn’t going to buy your groceries for the week. It’s not going to feed your family. It’s not going to pay your bills, and it’s certainly not going to be accepted as a form of payment for whatever shit he’s been smoking.

  7. But aren’t both notes chaotic?

  8. Capn, EVERYTHING on this earth has only a perceived value, and not a real value. The value lies in what one is willing to do for it. For example, that one dollar may have a huge value to one person, and may be worthless to another because the other may simple not care (or may be British, one of the two). However, to my children, that Monopoly money is almost worth its weight in Pokémon cards.

  9. You see what he did there….

  10. So, does anyone have some big plans for the weekend?

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  12. ^ I know what Mary Blevins is doing this weekend: spending her heard-earned spammin’ cash!

  13. #1 The Federal Reserve doesn’t back the US currency, nothing does. We used to be on the gold standard where each dollar represented a specific amount of gold but that isn’t the case anymore. The Federal Reserve(which has no government ties) basically sets interest rates and prints money when they feel like fucking us over.

    #6 the argument that money is valueless is correct to a point. Money has an agreed upon value in that it’s much easier to trade currency for goods than it is to trade goods for goods. The value of money used to be determined by market value vs the gold standard. However once we got buggered up the ass by the Federal Reserve and it started to print money based not on necessity but on how it would benefit the people who invested in the Federal Reserve the whole system became about as logical as monopoly.

  14. @ Capn – the first post you made…about the bankers…I can’t believe you received so many thumbs down. Fuck the thumbs down dicks and fuck bankers. They’ve ruined our economy.

  15. Fuck bankers indeed. They claim to have skill in market speculation, but anyone can make money if you’re bailed out whenever you fuck up! Just pick a bunch of things to invest in — if they tank, get some money from your former coworkers who now work in government. If they do well, keep the money (and if someone tries to tax it, call them a communist).

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