Monday, January 31, 2011

The Big D

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  1. Who needs a divorce when you can just fuck around…

    And on an unrelated note : steeeeeeeeeveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr!

  2. Divorce can be so much funnier than that, I’m so disapointed.

  3. Good job lamebook on not blurring out Andrea’s last name in the status.

  4. My partner talked about our goals the other day, I thought my audacious chip from 25 yards was my best, hers was the left foot volley into the top corner. Unbelievable Jeff!

  5. My hubby and I talked about our goals the other day, mine was to get out more. His goal was to have me make him more sandwiches.

    On that note – where can I get those stick figures to put on my car??????? (In Canada, that is)

  6. My significant other and I talked about goals the other day. I said I wanted security mixed with excitement. They said they didn’t wanna talk about Siberian gaols anymore. I told them I was a Stalinist apologist. (That goes out to Pep.)

  7. So sad, yet so funny to see.

  8. Wandr; pffffft.. quit it
    Theres two types of women in this world; my mother and sluts!

  9. The Hobo is sad, now.

  10. I just with people would learn the difference between the nominative and the objective cases already. This epidemic is bumming me out. Next to Manny and ME, you asshole. I blame elementary education.

  11. You’re right, stever, I forgot the caps…
    All sluts

  12. Er, make that “I just wish.” My righteous indignation falls in a hail of hollow-point typos.

  13. @ belle83dfd84sf584d5s4fd – you can get them at any sign-making business.

    best place to pick up single parents… the grocery store, that place is crawling.

  14. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Yeah Andrea sounds like she is trying to convince herself about wanting a divorce … more like he dumped her and she wants to look like she still has some dignity.

  15. Lametothemin you should have just blamed it on your lisp.

  16. @Dukey Smoothy Buns
    Yes I totally agree with you – Andrea is trying to convince herself that she’s ‘happy’….

  17. Way for that guy to advertise he’s single again! I’m sure that will never scare away any potential suitor with his passive aggressive, albeit very funny, jibe at the ex wife. The kids must love it too.

  18. maybe she’s dead? (the stick figure is frowning…)

  19. I wonder if one of Kelly’s (ex)husband’s goals was “Nail Kelly’s sister”?

  20. God, I hate those fucking stickers. They’re on every soccer mum’s car where I live.

  21. “God, I hate those fucking stickers.”

    I understand that we have to hate EVERYTHING nowadays or we’re not cool, but… given the alternative, maybe we can give a pass to parents who obnoxiously care about their kids? We hate “soccer moms” (ie, parents who spend too much time / effort raising their kids), we hate deadbeat parents (ie, people who are destroying society)… not much room in the middle for well-adjusted parents.

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