Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Cake Mistake

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  1. What’s the shitty icing around the edges meant to be?

  2. It’s Smurf spunk.

  3. haha that’s awsome! good to c the cake people have a sence of humour…right?…I mean no 1 is that dumb are they!!??

  4. *sense…fail

  5. LOL that was funny… I would obviously not pay for it

  6. @yeeeoow – *awesome *see *no-one, also only one exclamation mark and question mark needed but otherwise ok.

    It’s fucking hard being a pedant.

  7. Second most hilarious blog out there (next to Lamebook of course) is ‘CakeWrecks’.

    Here’s a similar classic …

  8. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @PA try being a pendant, even harder….

  9. Whoops! I would suck at cake making!!!

  10. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @9 *decorating

  11. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    I almost wrote a comment about the cake disaster we had when we where putting down gay kids but I am afraid the moderators will take it off.

    I once bought a cake for my midget Gertrude and asked the cake boss to write “Happy Fucking Birthday you vertically challenge fucktard” on it. When I went to collect it I found out he misspelled fucktard. Quite embarrassing, so I poked her eye’s out so she never saw it.

  12. thataintwhaturdaddysaid

    Of course she had to pay for it. It *was* better than her original idea.

  13. Hahaha I <3 stupid people

  14. When I first read the cake (before the caption) I thought “put the state of Texas on it for her” was some weird sexual reference, especially what with all the semen around the edges.

  15. littleredcorvette

    She should consider herself lucky they took the time to make the writing look nice at least. They could have given that the same treatment as the trim.

  16. If they would have made me pay for that, I would have paid them in pennies.

  17. That’s what you get for going to a bakery that buys their cakes pre-made and only decorates the top… I could make a better looking cake than that and I don’t even cook! Those pre-made cakes always look and taste like dry cardboard.

  18. That’s the mistake, pwrof3? Going to a bakery for a cake? So this cake decorator, would she be less of a moron if she were decorating a homemade cake?

  19. Okay, I actually laughed really hard over this one.

  20. Who the FUCK asks for wording, “in the shape of the state of texas”. God, I HATE KING OF THE HILL!!!!! *deranged muttering for about 3 hours

  21. Who asks for words in the shape of Texas? Anyone from Texas. I lived there for nearly four years and they’re all like that. They have their own “national anthem” that they sing at sporting events and such. Want to piss off a Texan? Tell them that Texas is, in fact, NOT the largest state in America (Alaska is).

  22. @ maefaerie Thanks to you I spent a few hours laughing at cake fails. Shit some of those are funny as hell. That being said, this cracked me up.

  23. I think this is hilarious, too, blondie. She should’ve gladly paid for this trainwreck of a cake. Think of the laughs it’d get at the guy’s party.

  24. I bet some people try to scam cakes like this. One person orders a cake, asks for this wording, someone picks up the cake and they’re all “NOOO I WANTED THE PICTURE” or whatever.

    Oh and I totally thought it was some sort of sex joke before I read the caption.

    That icing is hideous though, I wouldn’t have paid for it.

  25. Honestly, I’ve had grocery store bakeries screw up more cakes. I went in to get my kid a cake last year (for her birthday) and I was VERY SPECIFIC. The girl pretended to write it down. I threw a FIT at the store when I saw it because the girl had been rude in the first place. When they took the ticket it didn’t have anything on it other than “Cherry. Chocolate.”

    She should have thrown a fit.

  26. @Hawkbit, I thought it meant that she wanted the CAKE to be in the shape of Texas, not the words. The person who put the caption on the FB photo might have just phrased it weirdly. But I’m not sure.

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