Thursday, September 30, 2010

Plenty of Background Checks

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  1. Paint_my_nails_please

    Am I looking at grammy panties in the last one?

  2. I believe in the last one, it’s the girl on her knees in the background…giving a little whats-for to her gentleman friend…

  3. I believe you mean Grannie Panties, Paint_my_nails. And yes. Those are some major Grannie Panties.

  4. Thanks, captain obvious (jfwilliams1)

  5. I don’t get #5……..

  6. the granny panties are lamer than the background

  7. #5 is a foreground check.

  8. #5 is a boob check. Well, it was for me.

  9. boobs? where?

  10. Pedo boob check

  11. What’s up with #6? Other than the black dude with the really freaky facial expression and the chick who appears to be on his lap and possibly puking.

  12. At least the granny panties are clean.

  13. I don’t think they are granny panties… they are a kind of short shorts that come with very short dresses,which she is wearing.

    No 6… looks like a normal pic to me. unless im missing something?

  14. I don’t think the girl in #5 is that young. She’s probably the one supervising the others.

    tofu, she’s not on his lap. She’s in front of him. She looks like she’s doing an underwear check or something. The shirt the black guy is wearing is nuts, though.

  15. So the people spoke and Lamebook listened. God fucking damn it. I hate you all.

    Is the last one REALLY up here because there’s a slight possibility that the girl in the background MIGHT be sucking the dude off?

  16. Hobo, a probability.

  17. #5 I don’t get it. I am pretty sure they knew the guy was in the foreground.

  18. am i the only one who doesn’t get #4?

  19. oh. masturbation mitt, gotcha.

  20. #3 Is it because of the gentleman getting arrested or the troll taking a shower?

    #5 That chick is HOT.

  21. Masturbation mitt – for when you’re playing catcher.


    I too thought Hoots McGee was probably jailbait (therefore ignoring her at first). However, upon going back, I concurr with you on her not being underage. If the judge asks though, I’m totally using you for an alibi.

  22. Oh, and the Simpsons one – pretty sure one of the animators threw that in intentionally. It’s totally something I could see them doing to mess with the censors.

  23. Rodo, I agree.

    Comments, I will back you up.

    To all the blokes on here, she is most definitely of an age you can admire her rack (and legs) without shame.

  24. mytwocentsorwhatever

    In the last one is the girl on her knees giving a guy a blow job?

  25. Thanks Wordy, glad to have the support for my hedonistic tendencies (perhaps one day you can enable them too ;)) Read an article about the Gold Coast Turf Club holding a bikini race, brought you to mind…

  26. I DON’T GET NUMBER 5. Even after reading the comments.

  27. Comments, I’m heading up there at Christmas (relatives). I will break out the bikini, but there will be no running. Drinking by the pool is my preferred bikini-clad activity.

  28. In #3 I like how the other security dude is carrying the running shoes of the guy they arrested. They are not that thoughtful here… in my experience, anyway.

  29. The guy who is getting arrested on the beach looks hot.

    I will save you!

    Does anyone else see the chick bending over in front of the crazy face dude? Looks like he is banging her?

    That might be the lame part.

  30. @girlskill … did you notice the bodyless kid in the pic?

  31. I don’t quite get 3 or 5, but this was an overall worthwhile post

  32. I think the chick looks like she is getting fingered.

  33. slippy, the girl in #3? Nah, the fugly is just taking a shower. But you could be onto something if you mean the one at the wedding.

  34. #6 – pretty sure she’s probably just reaching for something in her purse under the table. the guy is definitely sitting behind her, not under her and it hardly looks like she’s getting fingered. really lame for lamebook, not lame for what it is.

  35. It does look like the bent-over-wedding-woman might be having her mouse double-clicked. The expression on his face could be from her moving and damn near breaking his fingers.

    And Wordy, bikini-clad drinking is not only a great activity, but also quite the spectator sport.

  36. #5 – if you look down at the sand in front of their feet you’ll see the little kid’s head sticking out of the sand. It’s a foreground check.

  37. The little girl in the background in 2 looks horrified. I think it might scar her for life. Besides, that couldn’t be the groom, he’s not in a suit…

  38. *spectates*

  39. The freaky face dude looks like he’s giving the bent over “lady” a tonsil check from behind, his right arm is elbow deep. She’s not looking for her purse it’s on the chair beside her.

  40. #5 is gone for me. 🙁 all of ’em were great, except number 6. That one was just cute with the little one’s head sticking out of the sand.

  41. It definitely LOOKS like a peen, but #1 is supposed to be a baby bottle.

  42. I lol’d at Sheri (I spy with my huge cartoon eye..), but that’s just my sense of humor!

  43. poor number two getting all neglected. it’s personally my favorite, because the bride and flower girl are wearing nice dresses and there appears to be a mother of the bride/groom type lady in sweatpants?! also, either that boy all up in her crotch is her brand new husband and wore a plaid hoodie and chucks to his own wedding which is pretty o.O or is NOT her brand new husband which is sort of even more o.O

    i mean really what the hell is going on here.

    also that girl’s expression is adorable.

  44. #3 Snarling black guy giving it to the girl – creepy old man by the window – and old lady doin a boob check.

    #5 it looks like the girl is giving the guy in the background a blowjob (hence her on her knees and his pants loosened)

  45. I think #4 is really a foreground check instead of a background check…did anyone not notice the boy buried in the sand at everyone’s feet?

  46. oh, and I think #1 is just Maggie’s baby bottle on the dinning room buffet… nothing to see here folks, just a bottle…

    I know Homie and Marge aren’t too bright, but Homie’s Helper in teh dinning room? meh.

  47. I believe said black man in #6 is Flava Flav sans ginormocock, err clock…

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