Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Consequences of Word Play

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  1. Seriously? Yet another minute of my life that I will never get back.

  2. Btw @ steeeeeveeeeerrrrrr na,na,na,naaaaaa, na.

  3. If you have to highlight your puns they’re fucking pointless. It’s the equivalent of telling a joke then having to explain it. Also, what’s with all their one letter names? I hope they all get the pox.

  4. Mi, Ma, C and K? I wanna join this circle.

  5. Almost makes you wonder if it’s one horribly unimaginative person with four fictitious accounts.

  6. The folks at Lamebook apparently think puns are fucking hilarious.
    I do not share the opinion.

  7. ^ apparently sensitive about herpes jokes.

  8. These pun posts are actually a bit like herpes; when you think they’re gone, another one pops back up again.

  9. lovely Comments 🙂

    what 37 people liked this? I can only think of 7: Mi, Ma, K , C, the submitter, and the lb guys… who are the other 30 that are so easily amused?

  10. Want some anal penetration to go with that whine people?

  11. Is that how u like ur anal penetration hawkbit…..With a little whine?

  12. Woah woah woah hang one fucking second you spunk gargling punsters… most of those are not even proper STD’s you fucking yellow-bellied cowardly meat massagers.

    They should all CHLAMydia up and seek some AIDs or i’ll set my cousin syPHIlIS on them….Nope, turns out puns are still wank.

  13. If everyone practiced abstinence we wouldn’t have to worry about missing puns such as these.

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