Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Creator

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  1. The Chinese don’t make everything. They make everything cheap. Big difference.

  2. sack up and fight the power nancy

    This is highly offensive. God is the all mighty all knowing all powerful being who has created all of us. FAITH is most important. And the faith means we believe he created himself, and created us unto himself. There is no need to belittle this by joking about it. He is the all powerful lord within us all and we must… hahahahahahahahah JK.

  3. Lies! Everyone knows our glorious leader created the idea of god. Everyone also knows that the greedy capitalist pigs stole the idea from him. Therefor, have faith in our glorious leader and all of your problems will go away.

  4. Eric Clapton is Chinese?

  5. No, but I believe hypnotoad is.

  6. The Chinese have funny looking eyes.

  7. Funny shit.

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