Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Galleria of BURN!

More from Ben Palmer here!

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  1. BEN FTW! !!

  2. The bigger joke is that Kay jewelers and Jared jewelers and a slew of other jewelry stores are all owned by the same company.

  3. Not being funny, but if you’re spending that much you do expect a good service. Ben is a dick.

  4. The Beast Among Us

    ^ Ben is a troll that doesn’t work for the company, yet poses as an asshole employee. He does this all the time.

  5. Ben is a sweet guy, with a little too much spare-time.

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  7. Where can I go to get _less_ of Ben Palmer?

  8. No, this one isn’t even remotely funny. I’ve seen Ben give way better responses. Step up your game, man!

  9. Not funny at all – just someone trying too hard and coming off like a random ahole

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