Thursday, November 5, 2009

Daddy’s Girl 2


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  1. i got a Chrysler for my 16th birthday many years ago and they are generally, indeed a crappy brand of cars. that does not, however, give Frank the right to talk to the girls dad like that. i hope she deleted him from facebook.

    and i’m with muffin ass…all the arguing about dumb shit totally takes the funny out of the post itself.
    “arguing over the internet is like the special olympics – no matter who wins, you’re both still retarded”


  2. that’s just rude. i don’t care what your personal tastes are, way to shit on someone’s birthday present.

  3. @jellybeans
    While i’m in agreement about not arguing about dumb shit on here, I’d like to say you just got my hackles up big style with that last comment/quote. I’m not disabled but I do have friends who are, one of whom actually does compete in the paralympics (for real). He is far from being a retard.

    If people could ease off on the blatantly offensive and douchebagesque comments there might be less arguing. Thank you.

  4. @102: I am your father.

  5. Frank seems overly enthusiastic in the first post, only to turn into a sour, cock-munching little bitch when he finds out Cassie got a PT Cruiser. Any guesses on his age?

  6. I hate rude teenage douchebags, but I hate spoiled little rich girls even more, so Team Frank. But only on aggregate.

  7. i apologize, flips. never meant to offend your friends. however, you may want to avoid blogs like this because you’re not going to find too many politically correct people in here. 🙂
    i wasn’t making fun of mentally retarded people. the point is nobody really “wins” an internet fight.

    it’s the kind of place where even infants are fair game to be picked on because of their parents. have you read the comments in here?

  8. Thanks jellybeans. That is, thanks for the apology and the kick into touch 😉
    Just me being an oversensitive and hypocritical eejit this morning. I do apologise! Ordinarily I can take a joke with the best of them. Lightening up. Now.

  9. Muthafukin' Maurice

    Frank is right. PT Cruisers suck.
    PT Cruisers are for silver caps that think they are too cool for their Buick

  10. It’s a fucking car!

    Goddamn it, I hate spoiled assholes. She either doesn’t have a car, or she gets the car her parents choose for her. Frank is an douchebag.

  11. “PT loser” enough said.

  12. i wish my parents would’ve bought me a car for my 16th bday, but they didn’t…im glad they didn’t either cuz if they did it wouldn’t have a been such a shitty car as a pt loser!!!

    plus im not some spoiled lil brat..

  13. I got a car from my parents when i finishes school. It is ugly and old but that ok, cos i have a CAR! I’m not in debt and i can drive wherever i want whenever i want so suck it Frank.

  14. @misandrist

    judging by your comment, maybe you should go back to high school.

  15. @ mcowles #99 HAHAHAHAHA. That is brilliant. That is exactly what frank would do. I love it. *applauds*

  16. I think it’s safe to say Frank is another car enthusiast DOUCHEBAG

  17. Car enthusiast douchebag? Oh, so car enthusiasts are douchebags?

    Oh, wait, ya…. I’m a horrible awful self-absorbed person for owning three sports cars. Oops! Mommy and Daddy didn’t pay a dime for any of them either. Aw, the horror.

    “PT Loser” comment FTW. Hope she likes her ugly convertible Neon. Maybe if she could even spell “convertible,” it would have helped her to not look like another spoiled dumb teenager. [/snark]

    Okay, flame on people. 😀 I know you’ll want to.

  18. Gonna have to agree with Frank on this one.
    A PT Cruiser /is/ a POS.

  19. Sigh, the point is, her dad researched and bought her a “safe and reliable” car. It REALLY doesn’t matter what it is.

    The whole “your car is ugly” thing is ridiculous. If you like driving it, then drive it and be happy.

  20. Dad doesn’t fail for buying a PT Cruiser (although they ARE lame and ugly).

    He fails for buying his 16 year-old daughter a car… period. I bet she didn’t spend one cent of her own money on it. Congrats on your spoiled child who will not appreciate the value of that expensive gift since she didn’t work, save, and spend her own money on it.

  21. Seriously who is that rude to their friends parents? If I had a friend who talked like that to my dad I would never hear the end of it. “A PT Cruiser is ugly” – this kid is so greatly concerned about the aesthetic appeal of a car that isn’t even his that he needs to publicly insult his friend and her family over it. Meanwhile kids in other countries are picking maggots out of their rice and pulling pieces of scrap metal out of dumps. This whole post makes me want to kick anyone under the age of 18 right in the fuckin box.

  22. pt cruiser isnt just ugly, its a complete piece of shit.

  23. it’s all about the plymouth prowler. Fuck the PT cruiser. Faggotmobile.

  24. It is a shit car though.

  25. A PT Cruiser is better than nothing but its not that great of a car. In all honesty I would say they are great for first time drivers but they tend to have a lot of engine problems down the road. I also definitely believe that Frank will probably end up fucking Cassie in the back of her PT Cruiser. 10 bucks say’s Cassie’s a chubby chick

  26. Lol, does anyone remember when the PT Cruiser was $1 (After you purchase another car)??

    If you know anything about cars, you know the PT cruiser isn’t worth more than 5 cents.. I’m just sayin’.

    Poor girl, I’d be crying.

  27. geesh, guys – learn how to spell! it’s “dooshbag”. jason said so. !!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!onE~!!!!!!!

  28. Actually when spelt correctly… it is Douchebag!

  29. actually the dad should take the PT cruiser, find frank, and run him over with it…… then back up again if he was still conscious 😉

  30. actually he’s right. pt cruisers are probably the ugliest cars out there and are cheap as hell.

  31. Thank god my parents actually have taste in cars to not buy me American made pieces of shit cars.

  32. im gonna let you enjoy your birthday gift in a minute, but my taste in cars is the best taste of all time!

  33. I’d rather have a convertible Miata. And I’m a guy. At least I could autox then! LOL. PT Cruisers, even at 16 I’d rather have my POS Civic I bought w/ my own money…

  34. @Charlotte. It was a joke, babe. A reference to the post about Jason. I guess my over-achieving use of exclamation marks and typos didn’t come through?

  35. @anony –

    now that shit is funny.

    that is all.

  36. @ I finished high school and its awesome, so suck it phil!

  37. all you people who are just picking on other people’s english skills in this forum – do you realise that there are people who go on this forum who don’t actually speak english as a first language? Yes, we do exist. More of us than you think. I’d like to see you type in your second (or third or fourth) language.

  38. You misspelled REALIZE.

  39. I worked my arse off to buy my own first car. Fuck these retard parents.

  40. jesus people a car is a fucking car! it gets you from a to b, who gives a crap if its ugly atleast you wouldn have to wait in teh cold at a bus stop if you had a car to travel in!!! fuckin wankers in this world jeez

  41. I did NOT fuck Cassie on the back of her lame as car.

  42. Any parent who buys a girl a brand new car on her 16th birthday is a moron. Try teaching her the meaning of a work ethic after this…

  43. Much as I hate PT Cruisers, I don’t have a car so anything would be great. Frank seems like a bit of a dick really

  44. You know what Frank got for his 16th birthday? His dad tossed him a carton of cigarettes and said “SMOKE UP, JOHNNY!”

  45. @144: That’s weird since his name is Frank.

  46. Frank is a douche.

  47. […] source: Lamebook] Share and […]

  48. If someone offered to buy me a car, I don’t think I’d be that picky. Except if it was a Nissan, every single Nissan model is ugly as hell.

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