Friday, February 15, 2013

The Gift

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  1. White trash at its finest.

  2. That was extremely difficult to read.

  3. For some reason, I immediately thought of the Dane Cook one where he said, “Oh, my dick feels like corn.” And then the girl he was with replied, “Gimme the butter, Baby, gimme the butter.”

  4. Her name just tells you white trash before you even read it.

  5. I thought Pokemon before white trash…

  6. Hot.

  7. That is the main reason why I don’t have kids. They always wreck when you are getting it on with your other half. PS Mistie sounds like trash.

  8. Anyone else remember Misty Hymen?

  9. *Hyman.

  10. #7 – Lock your door.

  11. Finger lickin’ good.

  12. Speaking of gifts, Mistie has a gift for butchering the English language. I’m so glad she’s reproducing.

  13. What a dumb kid.

  14. “You told daddy to give you some more”… kinda valentines “gift” is that?? Sounds way too mutually beneficial for my liking. Had my kid walked in on valday, she’d have thought mommmy was eating and choking on oysters!

  15. whoever made up this story needs to make up a better one.

  16. ^ Agreed. How is it even possible to confuse genitalia with KFC chicken?
    Actually, wait, don’t answer that.

  17. sara ann..da kid got it honest..her mom is obviously not da sharpest knife in da kitchen

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