Friday, February 15, 2013

Ty Showing the Love

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  1. Never. Happened. Ever.

  2. Maybe it did happen. When I was in HS and I had to ride the bus on rush hours, idiots would not move to let you go to the back of the bus. I developed this method where if they didn’t move, man or woman, I would stand right behind them and touch their ass with my crotch. They would let me pass. And then I became gay.

  3. Fuck off.

  4. Hot.

  5. No, the part that didn’t happen was the lady friend.

  6. I like how he says he’s not racist, but assumed all the Asians were Chinese.

  7. ^ I like how you assume they WEREN’T all Chinese. Perhaps they actually were, and he was able to verify it. We don’t know.

    However, I think the mention of Chinese had to do with the racist comment of “chink stink.”

  8. ^^ Perhaps they were speaking Cantonese, or Mandarin? It’s often a give-away.

  9. ^^^ And anyway Sara_Ann, are you saying ‘all Asians look alike to me’. In which case…

  10. Ignant besterds!

  11. carlosspicyweiner

    Chink stink is the worst

  12. There is only one thing I hate more than racist people, and that’s spics!

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