Monday, April 15, 2013

The Good Commuter

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  1. Suck my cock.

  2. ^Is lamebook filled with a bunch of 14 year old boys?

  3. ^Yes.



  6. I’m sure you’ll find someone buddy, just wait for high school.

  7. Damn. I wish I was old and wise like you, chump.

  8. So do we..

  9. Well, if you go ahead and read that entire post, you’ll get much older.

    You probably won’t get any wiser, though.

  10. so everyone just stood there and let her berate and insult the poor bus driver for 20 minutes and didn’t say a damn thing until she was getting OFF the bus? Yeah great job there that was really helpful.

  11. If she refused to share her seat on a “full bus” how did she sit back donw in the front? This is FAKE!! And stupid!

  12. Good eye Nick, seems like most of these recent anti-religion posts add a few too many details and outrages to be believable. I’m guessing the old “then the whole restaurant clapped” posters have adjusted their theme a bit.

  13. #11. Some busses have seats that you are not allowed to sit in unless you are handicapped regardless of whether or not the bus is full. She probably sat in one of those and the bus driver decided it would be better to just get her to her stop sooner than to argue with her.

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