Friday, September 3, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Lovely

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  1. Ben?

  2. good thing savannah looks like shes 16.
    these suck.
    jk,no they dont.
    jk,yes they do.
    aw man,now all i can think about is the just kidding lady from sat night live.

  3. Ooops looks like someone forgot to blur one of Savannah’s pics.

  4. Jose is a tool. Anytime someone on my facebook days something like that “it’s not rape if you yell suprise, or say jk,” w/e, they are immediately unfriended.

    On the first one why did they not blur out the one thumbnail pic?

  5. I agree Jayne. And as menaces to society I advocate removing their cocks with a weasel to prevent them from carrying out their planes.
    I like Katie’s opinion of what constitutes a problem.

  6. Nice blur job lamebook, you totally can tell that it’s not another teen mom trying to make it on that stupid show of mtv’s. Not too sure I should say congrats or abort.

    Nerve damage never sounded so promising before.

    Jose you dick is HUGE!

    Jk. Not so funny now is it asshole

  7. Someone should inform Alfonso that saying “just kidding” doesn’t make the sin go away. Any homosexual act is an abomination to God and will lead to him spending eternity in the boiling lava pits of Hell.

  8. I actually don’t get the first one…
    So a girl is arguing with a boy (assuming it’s a boy because of the name ‘Josh’)… but then Josh is by some miracle pregnant?
    huh? And what does his pregnancy have to do with the argument?
    Sorry I’m obviously just getting something and if it’s obvious to someone else please tell me 🙁

  9. Yay. Dan fucking fargis is back. I would have picked murder as the more important sin on the page not sodomy… Jk jk jk

  10. @amtrak4lovers
    I’ve heard couples say “we’re pregnant” before. As in she’s pregnant, and he’s the Dad, and they’re going to raise the kid together. Now, the guy saying that he’s pregnant is pretty lame, but he probably means that his girl is pregnant?

    In any case, he’s a douche.

  11. Ahhhh question marks after every statement Josh, excellent..

    Also Fargis, are you being sarcastic? Or are you seriously spouting religious crap on here?

  12. Surprise Jayne!

    If I had an 8 hour erection, I would quit making home-made pornos and get in the sex industry.

  13. Fargis is known for making religious spouting in here…

  14. Ah, dan_fargis is back. That’s good.

  15. @ dan

    i think you meant to say the boiling magma pits of hell, as lava is magma that is above the earth’s surface. unless you are talking about a mephistophelian hell, which, being figurative, could have lava. although that lava wouldn’t be real.

  16. Dan is lazy today. He didn’t even quote his special brand of bible.

  17. Oh Fargis you disappoint me. I thought you had gone and done something really Christian instead of gossiping online with the likes of us.

    Whoops I almost forgot you’re a troll. I did notice you didn’t mention that rape is a sin…go on, I’m setting you up for some real trolling now 😀

  18. nuff, if that happens you should contact me immediately. Such possibilities.

  19. Dunno, I think I’m going to have to call Fake Fargis here. He only wrote 3 lines; typically it would have been three paragraphs. Either that or someone’s losing thier trolling commitment.

  20. I saw fargis but that cant be him i didn’t feel like burning bibles after reading his comment like i normaly do 🙁

  21. its not him…

  22. i admit i have missed fargis… but i have to agree, that is not him. i never expected to be disappointed in reading a Fake Fargis post…

  23. Oh what a shame 🙁

  24. I laughed at how, the one time a question mark would have been appropriate, Josh goes and uses an exclamation mark?

  25. It seems I have missed all of the fargis action. Anyone care to post a link so I can catch up?

  26. Why does everyone think that’s not dan? It is. He must’ve been pressed for time and didn’t have the chance to elaborate. We’ve heard the “homosexuals will burn in hell” shit all before, anyway. No need for a big spiel. I do like the lava pit part, though. That’s a little different.

  27. @Makster, i think he made that last remark sort of as a ‘yay, this is what i have to put up with for another 9 months.’

    and Fargis….go fap with a bible

  28. HAHAHA. One of my posts actually made it to
    My life is complete.

  29. dirtylittlepretty

    my snatch spits lava

  30. dirtylittlepretty

    and josh actually made me chuckle

  31. I thought it was because Savannah had the password to Josh’s account and updated his Facebook status to that as pretty weak revenge.

  32. ^hmmm maybe. If that’s true then her world does revolve around him. Irony? or at the very least, contradictory.

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