Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Great Black Hope

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  1. How can you not like coffee!?

  2. I like people how I like my coffee … I don’t like blacks.


  3. I like people how I like my coffee … Freshly ground. Or on ice.

  4. I like my coffee.

  5. Me too!
    Super hot and all over my junk while I’m driving!

  6. Do you hold it between your legs or just pour it on your crotch?

  7. How so we got some coffee hates on lamebook it seems.

  8. It wow – autocorrect thought how fit better.

  9. I hate people too! Bianca and I would be great friends. We’d never hang out but just be aware of one another hating people.

  10. I like black people how I like my coffee……… I drink tea

  11. I like people like I like my coffee.

    Ground up and in the freezer.

  12. ^ I already said that, moby…

  13. …and her name is Italian for ‘white’…

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