Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Half Blood Prince

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  1. I’m glad I didn’t care for either of the two…

  2. “I’ll just change a few words to Harry Potter fings, don’t worry about the rythm or whether it makes any sense, and my mates will all suck me off cos it’ll be so funny”, he thought to himself as he wrote a really shit Fresh Prince / Harry Potter mix…

  3. Alan looks like he’s pissed off because of being dressed like that.

  4. I do not comprehend this reference.

  5. if I were 12, would this be funny?

  6. Um, what?

  7. Someone who is old enough to remember Fresh Prince should not be keen on Harry Potter.

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  9. Only if you were 12 and a bit slow MsAnne

  10. #7 don’t they still show the prince on nickelodeon or tvland or something? i sure knew all about dennis the menace when i was a kid, and that show had been off the air for decades.

  11. #7
    You’re right. Once a show has ended its run they never ever show it again on any channel ever again.

  12. I was unaware of this, I don’t know nickelodeon or tvland. My tv only gets 4 channels.

  13. I agree that the rhythm is terrible and nonexistent. Picture’s still funny, though.

  14. Lame unless, by some strange chance, this is Daniel Radcliffe and James Phelps. That would be AWESOME.

  15. that’s charlie sheen after a 9 day coke&whore binge.

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