Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The More you Care, the More you Share

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  1. All I got out of this was “vagina, vagina, fingers up ass”.

  2. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest Spencer’s post reeks of fakery.

  3. ^Correct.

  4. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that, while Spencer might not be gay per se, he is probably bi if his butthole has been widened enough for more than one finger to be inserted into it.

  5. I’ve never understood what the fuck summer’s eve is for. my pussy is squeaky clean thanks to hot water and bar soap. you wouldn’t have “feminine itch” and “odor” if you fucking washed your vag, girls. if you *still* have an itchy, odorous cunt after washing with hot water and soap…you’ve got bigger problems.

  6. Dawn of the Dan

    You’re not supposed to use soap, red head.

  7. Gaylords ^ and v

  8. #6: Only a dirty person would say that.

  9. I fucked Ashely, her pussy now stinks.

  10. Well, if a lady is not careful when washing that area she can get a yeast infection.

  11. perpetualstiffy

    Man…When one of my ex girlfriends suggested putting a finger or 2 up my ass at climax I vehemently objected. No way, no how. Exit only, blah blah.
    But one day she had me occupied by her superior oral skills and didn’t notice her putting lube on her fingers. She knew I was about to blast and WHAMO! 2 fingers in my pooper. Don’t really remember much due to the intense feeling and partially passing out.
    Men I am here to tell you it DOES NOT make you gay. Not only will be an unbelievable feeling AND you will drop the biggest loads ever.
    You have to get a girl that knows how to do it. If her nails are long and she puts them in the wrong way or too far you could be fucked.
    Trust me though.You won’t regret it.

  12. ^ I trust people on the internet all the time. What could possibly go wrong?

  13. What is wrong with you people? The only thing that makes a man gay is being attracted to men… and liking musical theatre, obviously.

  14. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @red head – Regular soap has a much higher pH than your vagina, so using it can lead to infections. Soaps with a lower pH, like Summer’s Eve, are made to keep you clean without disrupting the natural balance of things. Feminine washes are different from medications, so if you think they are unnecessary for people who aren’t suffering from an itch, and you’re using regular soap in that area, I’m sorry but you probably smell really terrible.

  15. 0_o tehfrilldidijustread

  16. ifitwerentformyhorse

    I claim temporary insanity for actually typing that Sex Ed lesson up, but I was pretty scared for red head’s vajajay.

  17. I likes Joshua’s response.

  18. I’ve used bar soap all my life. Not a single yeast infection in 26 years (what are you doing, shoving the soap up your cooter?). My snatch has no scent unless I go days without showering and do a bunch of sweaty outdoor physical activity. in fact, the men I’ve been with have actually complained that I have no scent “down there”, much to their dismay. I also take offense to the phrase “feminine” odor. I’m feminine and I don’t have an odor. If your snatch has a fucked up stench that makes you stop by the nearest CVS for a bottle of summer’s eve, you’re not clean. Clean snatch don’t stink.

  19. Bring_back_fingering

    At least we now know what gingers sold their souls for

  20. @red head, if the person you’re attempting to bed is complaining about how your lady bits smell (too smelly or not smelly enough), then you should probably take that as a clue that you’re making a mistake somewhere.

  21. ^Why are you not shutting the hell up about your cock pit already?

  22. ^ Your mouth is a cock pit.

  23. No, YOU’RE mouth is a cock pit. nananabooboo. Bet your hundreds of kids repeat each other like that all the time and that’s where you learned that.

  24. Who gives a fuck what your gash smells like. Sandwich, blowjob, dismissed.

  25. Good spelling on ‘your’ fucktard. “You’re” means you are; “your” is the possessive, eh?
    And 3 kids isn’t really hundreds. Another fail. But, they DO do that sometimes. Dick.

  26. I do that to piss you off in particular, especially putting it in capitals to grab your attention.
    Please refrain from using the word “eh?” as it is for Canadians
    I would also like to point out that we shouldn’t start multiple sentences with prepositions, but I’m not that frillin petty.

  27. If I didn’t hate you, I’d like you. I’m so torn. Not really.
    I still have fun though, cuz I like you better than herp, teeko and that evilcow bitch. But don’t let that go to your head, sweetheart.

  28. As I was reading this, there was an ad for sandwiches from Domino’s Pizza. I found that a bit interesting…

  29. ^ das nasty

  30. $20 say’s redhead’s pussy smells like an open sewer when it gets wet. Any takers?

  31. Yeah I want to not like you either Nails, but it’s hard. I should try harder but fuck it’s so much work and it’s bloody hot out. Canadians were not made for 100F and 85% humidity. Not only does it melt our fracking igloos it makes us sweat. WTF is that aboot?

  32. Hot? What do you Canadians consider hot, anyway? I get a lil’ uncomfortable down here in Florida when it gets up ’round 95ish, but it’s tolerable when you’ve practically grown up here.

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  34. in this thread – oozing coozes.

  35. ..and drippy cunts.

  36. Damn, stole my igloo comment. And isn’t it “aboat” as opposed to “aboot?”

  37. Potato/Potato, Tomato/Tomato…well fuck…I guess what I just typed makes more sense when you say it aloud, eh?

  38. ^ Funny, I was gonna use that somewhere else, but then said, how so you spell it wrong so it sounds right? I couldn’t do it. But when you said it, it just reads that way. So, yes.

  39. 120° is fairly normal for me, although right now it’s a cool and humid 87°. I prefer the heat over the cold. I can’t stand snow.

  40. ^thanks very so much for keeping us appraised of your ambient temperature preferences.
    I really don’t know how much longer I could have coped with the not fucking knowing.

  41. or caring.

  42. Not a problem. Happy to help.

  43. you say that.
    you don’t really mean it. insincere bastard.

  44. Oh, sorry. I forgot the sarcasm tag. It was an (8).

  45. ^ There’s still hope in an (8)!

  46. Finga up da butt.

  47. FinishHimFlawlessVictory

    Red head, I have SERIOUS doubt that men have “complained” that you “don’t” have feminine odor. We all know you do, that’s why you are offended at the term feminine odor, because ya’ll got a serious case of it.

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