Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Night Before Christmas Eve

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  1. until I saw the check that said $5410 , I did not believe that…my… friend woz like actualey bringing home money part time from there labtop. . there neighbor started doing this for under 16 months and just paid the dept on their place and bought a brand new Audi Quattro . try this out


  2. The best bit is the attempt to rhyme “I think” with “I think”.

  3. Oh sorry, it was “I think” and “We think”. I take it all back.

  4. ’twas the night before christmas, and all through the south,
    this bitch spews illiterate shit from her mouth!
    she writes out a status she believes to be witty,
    but all this redneck deserves is our pity!
    her poem lacks rhythm, good meter, and class.
    she tries to be funny but comes off as an ass.
    it’s this kind of moron that our schools produce;
    boy, am i glad that she reproduced!

  5. merle1971 – Look, I know her poem sucked ass, but YOUR poem, while cleverly written, was completely uncalled for. Seriously. Why were you so intolerably rude about it? A crappy poem does not a redneck bitch make. How is she a bitch? Do you even know the definition of the word? A bitch is just the female equivalent of a prick or bastard. In other words, someone who is a complete jerkoff to other people for no reason. This woman is NOT a bitch. Writing a poem about something funny or about someone you love is the polar opposite of being a bitch. It is a loving tribute, no matter how terrible it was.

  6. Nevula, you’re a bitch.

  7. Nevuela, I beg to differ. You see, it’s not just the poor attempt at a poem that led me to call this woman a bitch, it’s her blind self-assurance that there’s no difference between her poem and one which has proper meter, rhyme, etc.

    So, you might say, “What’s the problem? It’s just someone who doesn’t understand the difference between metered verse and haphazard drivel.” Well, the problem, at least as I’ve usually found, is that this “I can do anything whatsoever, regardless of background, training, or awareness” mentality usually extends far beyond little poems on facebook. This is the reason we love horribly untrained politicians (“Sure, Sarah Palin doesn’t understand anything about foreign policy, but who needs training or specialization? She’s like me, and I can do anything!”), the reason we have so many science deniers (“Yeah, scientists say one thing, but why should their science matter more than my opinion?!”), and the reason that the level of education in this country continues to plummet.

    I’m guessing that this woman’s attitude of “I’m just as good as anyone at anything” extends far beyond facebook posts. So, the next time you meet someone who claims that the Earth is 6,000 years old, or someone who thinks they can do your job better than you can (despite a total lack of training), keep in mind it might be this woman!

  8. Maybe the young boy was just lashing out in protest against Alicia for naming him Bracen?

  9. Hahaha….all of you are______…….

  10. up to I looked at the paycheck which said $8664 , I accept that…my… cousin was like actually receiving money part-time at there labtop. . there brothers friend has done this for only about 23 months and recently repaid the dept on their house and bourt a great new opel . see this here>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  11. tl;dr on all you bitches

  12. StupidDane, you’re a cocksucker. Anyone who is actually stupid enough to put “Stupid” in their screen name is a fucktard. And did I mention cocksucker? Yeah, go back to what you do best: sucking cock. Not that you’re any good at that, either, but what can we expect from a fucktard?

  13. Psssh, you know what? Fuck all of you who downvoted me and upvoted the people who were rude to me and the OP. Imma be laughing my ass off while you’re all burning in hell for being heartless assholes.

    If your own mothers had written that poem about you, you know goddamn well you wouldn’t be so rude to her about it, no matter how much you hate the poem. I feel sorry for all you cocksuckers who only feel superior when you’re bullying total strangers behind a computer screen. Very brave of you.

    Say whatever the fuck you want about me. I won’t be reading any more bullshit from any of you, so you’ll just be wasting your time typing a response. But that’s what losers do, so go right fucking ahead and waste your precious time crafting a “witty” rebuttal to someone who will NEVER read it. Go ahead and proudly proclaim your fucktardedness by replying to me. The angrier I make you, the more you’re proving that I have power over you.

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