Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Ol’ SlugBug

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  1. Am I too stupid to get this, or is it simply as unfunny as some guy saying he nearly hit his elderly grandmother because some car drove past? If that’s the case, he’s an asshole.

  2. Slug bug

  3. Fucking moron. People stopped doing this in 2009.

  4. Que Steeever who will volunteer to donkey Punch his Nana instead.

  5. Also known as “Punch Buggy”. I didn’t know that the game had such international appeal.

  6. What a complete cock!

  7. That guy should have his licence revoked, since he still behaves like a fucking child.

  8. ^he shouldn’t have his license revoked for acting like a child, he should have his license revoked for staring at her while he should be watching the fucking road.

  9. In addition to having his license revoked, he should also have his high school diploma revoked for not knowing the difference between “passed” and “past”.

  10. Ah, I see. Many reasons to revoke the bastard’s license.

  11. What a douche. If I get punch in the arm because some immature turd sees a beetle I’m going to punch him/her right back, but in the face.

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