Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Pains of Being Wayne

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  1. Wayne will find his soul mate and true love in Bruce, Dave, Ricky, the nickname “Junior”, Tony, Francisco, Pepe, Dicky, Jay, Jayjay, Jimmy, Poindexter or anyone of his other faggot friends.

  2. crustylovelips

    ^STFU – his reply was golden.

  3. Add crustylovelips and Elsior to my list.

  4. I Really didn’t like Wayne. Until his reply.

  5. Just carry a guitar case around, Wayne. Women will flock to you like flies on rice.

  6. ^Flies on shit would have been more reassuring.

  7. ^ I was intentionally mixing several clichés.

  8. “Gettin’ real tired of your shit, Master Wayne.”

  9. As a woman, I’d just like to say: man up, homo!

  10. Yeah Wayne good natured reply aside you will be waiting forever because perfect doesn’t fucking exist.

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