Friday, May 11, 2012

The Pizza Hostage

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  1. I got this! I know the answer! It’s PENIS right!?!?!

  2. Teabag.

    But I know you knew that.


  3. Wich one is it!!!???!?!? I <3 riddled <3 lol 🙂

  4. This is fake.

  5. Wastey the Walrus

    Boring post. Probably is fake. But you T1000 are a genuine moron.

  6. Walrus, you seem to be in a fowl mood. Have you ate birds recently? Incorrect. I am not a moron.

  7. Wastey the Walrus is fake.

  8. Correct, buddychrist.

  9. Wastey the Walrus


    You, and others alike, are the reason vasectomies are becoming ever so popular these days.

  10. Walrus, you seem to be in a fowl mood. Have you ate birds recently?

  11. Hahahahahahaha

  12. I hate it when people say stuff on here is fake, someone somewhere wrote it which makws it not fake. Either way it doesn’t make it any less funny.

  13. Makes*

  14. Every single comment and every single post on here, has , will be, and always is fake, now and forever.

  15. i see your point, but you are also missing the point. some status updates are “staged” to be funny – which makes them fake, really. where the staging is really obvious, it tends to make it suck. so in some cases, yes, it is less funny by virtue of being fake.
    gosh look at me getting all serious here for a minute. i think i need to lie down.

  16. T1000 QUOTE: Have you ate birds recently?


  17. Can I use the word facepalm here without getting bashed for it?

  18. You will be bashed in the face by your own palm.

  19. Bird eating is an abomination

  20. yah but i lik chiken!!!! and that is a bird. but not a flyer!!!!!! :):D lol

  21. so what is the answer to the riddle?
    is it ‘a tampon’?

  22. I can not BELIEVE that this Tom cunt took 33 minutes to carry out his dastardly plan and concoct that abominable poem.

  23. Nah. He spent 32 minutes drinking the beer and 1 minute writing the poem.

    MsAnne, it really is teabag. Longer it’s in there, stronger your tea etc etc.

  24. ^so, like, Dracula’s teabag?

  25. …so yeah. I suppose it could be a tampon.

  26. well, that’s just fucking disgusting. what a horrible joke.

  27. Definition of thirst? Dracula sucking a used tampax.

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