Friday, May 11, 2012

When I Die

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  1. Last I was this amused by a LB thread was when ytmutant was still hanging around. I love it when trolls get fed with a golden spoon.

  2. Ok Msanne you’ve had your fun trolling us all, change your name back now.

  3. haha noo im not an dirtry old man lol ewe thats real gross!!!!! 😛 lol…

  4. when I die, I’m going to have my cremated remains made into a diamond, which will then be set into the base of a platinum buttplug.

    I want to be a pain in the ass forever.

  5. ^ you give yourself a little too much credit. you’re not that much of a pain in the arse, really.’re just really ugly.

  6. your opinion<the scum on the floor behind my stove

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