Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Power of Win

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  1. oh david. i lol’d

  2. Who knew that gay men were more likely to have homosexual sex than straight men? Thanks for enlightening us Vicky. Idiot.

    Wow! I’m kind of a bitch today.

  3. @thejegblast: I chortled.

    I might disagree with Mel, depending on if Barbara is hot or not.

  4. Lol stupid David

  5. *thejetblast. D’oh.

  6. I’m just here to make fun of “Season”.

    Fucking hippies.

  7. I need more geniuses like Vicky in my life. I bet she’s just full of brilliant insights about how waffles are more likely to be bumpy than pancakes and how Buicks aren’t easy to floss with.

  8. Can I say “f-ing”?

    Ah whatev. I’m still here to make fun of Season.

  9. Also: posters here < Vicky. I'm pretty certain she was being redundant for the sake of being redundant; it is solidified by her comment about shit too.

    You guys suck.

  10. 1) Of course Vicky, I forgot women don’t poop.

    2) Meh. I’ve seen way too many of these comebacks.

    3) David and I would get along very well. Alexandra, I want scrambled eggs, two strips of bacon, and french toast. Get to it.

    4) Is this the new fetish now? Computer sex?

  11. /yawn

    Scraping the bottom of the barrel with these “wins”.

  12. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Brianstorm is a retart.

  13. My first words would be: “Let’s fuck again,” and then I would go to Ihop. That stuff is the best.

  14. lamebook, what’s with these increasingly unoriginal, and unfunny posts? Are you running out of decent submissions? I don’t think so. It’s like you don’t care any more, and you’re expecting those commenting to turn ground beef into prime rib.

    We can only do so much, and before anyone has a go at me for expressing my opinion, consider the lamebook postings overall, the last month or so, and then get back to me.

  15. 1) Meh
    2) Decent but like Xepher said seen way to much of.
    3) Davids answer was pretty funny and at least it wasn’t make me a sandwich
    4) If she was a hot chick why the fuck would you tell her to turn off the webcam, you could make some pretty good money from that video. “Nerd Porn”

  16. wordpervert is right, lately the posts just really aren’t funny. I know they are getting good stuff since I tried to submit but they didn’t use any of them.

  17. Word, I couldn’t agree more. I like to think of myself as the taco seasoning in the ground beef.

  18. CommentsAtLarge

    Yeah, David was the only one that made me crack a smile.


    My ever-present inner 13yr old got hung up at “having a go” at you. I’m a simple man I know, but thanks for the laugh 😉

  19. thepreviouspost

    putting the Lame in Lamebook. Kudos to David, at least his comment made me semi-smile.

  20. hi word .. you’re kinda mad, eh. I have a weird cyber-crush on you… sorry about the creep factor.

  21. nuff, I liked your response. Ihop huh? I have to say though, I make a mean waffles! I’ll even top it off with a cherry!

    I agree word, it’s been slim pickings.

  22. mymomruinedfacebook

    lol cyber crush.

  23. I liked Taylor’s response. It made me chuckle.

    David made me laugh too.

    The first one is just crazy stupid.

  24. ee darling, I’ll have to take you up on that offer some day. 😉

  25. word, I’m with ya on this. They need to step it up, and remind me why I fell in love with this site to begin with. Of course, the fantastic comments held most of the appeal, but there used to be some awesome funny to be had here.

  26. mass, no apology needed. I have a crush on a couple of people, they just don’t know it.

  27. yourinevitabledemise

    The last one could be pretty funny, depending on how you interpret her possibly intentional usage of ‘leak’. I mean, if she’s screwing computers, I would assume all equipment would be involved. I hate moisture on my internets.

    I have two, sometimes three depending on the day, secret lamebook crushes. It’s silly. I think about their calloused wit and grin.

  28. yourinevitabledemise and word, I’m right there with ya. 🙂

  29. season, as a name?

  30. releasethehounds

    Status updates like Alexandra’s annoy me. It’s like she’s screaming ‘Look at me and adore me’. What would I say? – fuck off and stop asking me shit questions.

  31. On Alexandra’s, I like how only the girls complimented her, while the ONE guy made a nonsexual, undermining comment. She must not be as hot as she thinks she is.

  32. My manky mozzy bite is still funnier than this shit.

  33. Vicki’s isn’t a win – it’s set up. She and Jordan have orchestrated this together, and I’d say they’re prouder of it than they’re entitled to be.
    I reckon one of them submitted it too.

    As for crushes ^ me too! Hence the decision to step out of hiding and engage. *blush*

  34. Folk er idioter


    Agreed. It seems a lot of these posts are set-up in order to be posted on Lamebook. Some people will apparently do whatever they can to get their posts up. I just continously wonder why some people post whatever they like on Facebook. When I signed up for the whole shebang, it was only for College students from all over the world. Ever since they decided to let everyone in, it has only moved in one direction – and it’s not the right one.

  35. Taylor…oh snap! LOL!

  36. Problem is snake eyezzz, most men would be proud of there dad 😛

  37. computer sex is hoooooot

  38. that’s me and 1) i posted that because i saw it on
    and found it redundant.
    and 2) i forgive you 🙂

  39. for Alexandra, I would say (if it was my place) “why are you still here?” (her place, depending on what she looks like) “make me breakfast” or I would kick her out of bed if she wanted to fuck on the floor

  40. I would say: That will be $57.95 with your senior discount.

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