Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Problem and Solution

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  1. Sam, you have one of my favourite positions almost right.

  2. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    hehe Adam

  3. Ha.

  4. Just get the top to move a little further to your right.

  5. This is assuming that Sam is the bottom.

  6. You have to cut Sam some slack. He’s a novice when it comes to his newly proclaimed sexual preference.

    I’m not a gay man Sam, but you can call me if you need some pointers about positioning, as some work for all of us.

  7. Toadette is the winner

    Sam doesn’t even seem to be struggling in the picture. He’s just kind of taking it all in. Pun intended.

  8. lame… people make fun of wrestlers cuz they are pussies… i won a lot of fights thanks to skills i learned in wrestling

    oh and ladies… wrestlers develop muscles that you didnt even know existed… you want to get ravished, fuck a wrestler… you want to make love, i would say fuck a poet but you’d probably just have to tell them how it happens to everybody

  9. If you’re throwing down the challenge slim, I’m taking you up on that offer, so call me.

  10. Toadette is the winner

    slim, I’m not saying that all wrestlers are gay, but Sam just strikes me as such. I for one think wrestlers have hot bodies, and would be glad to be “taken for a ride” by one.

  11. Well give me you number and I’ll call
    And I’ll follow that ass in the mall
    Take you home, let you juggle my balls
    While I’m beatin and tearin down your walls

    Trillville, 1997

  12. Sam probably isn’t gay, I couldn’t care less if he was.

    I just get turned on by images of doggy style, or in this case, almost doggy.

  13. toad… dude on the bottom is in excellent position… this pic is probably half a second before he attempts a reverse… nothing gay at all about it… you have to keep a wide stance on the bottom to keep you gravity centered… you dont want to get rolled or flattened

  14. slim, you can get me at any hour on 1900therideofyourife.

  15. word, why you always gotta get me worked up

    i’m out for the day… out for tomorrow too… see ya’ll in a couple days… word… im spanking it for you tonight when i’m waiting at the airport 😉

  16. slim that sounds very hot, and I would love you to go further with that sexy wrestler talk, but I have to go to work.


  17. Looks like we’re both out at the same time.

    We are definitely synced up.

  18. Toadette is the winner

    Hmmm ok slim, I’ll take your word for it. You know more about it than I do.

    And it’s ToadETTE cuz I’m a GIRL. Enjoy your trip. 🙂

  19. Much as Im enjoying all the sex talk I really wanna know what those tusk things in the background are? Just can’t figure it out.

  20. @shellb, I believe those are the legs of a spectator.

  21. ooooooohhhh ty mal – its a LARGE person oops…… I see it now.

  22. ALL OF THEIR NAMES RHYME IN THE WRESTLING ONE! That made me far too excited. Way more excited than any “almost doggy” could. .

  23. @19 Seriously? What are those tusk things in the background?

    BAHAHAHAHAHA that was funnier than anything else on here.

  24. And on a side note, I really do like the Jori and Chris exchange. Chris took the words right out of my mouth.

  25. prolefeedprocessor

    Mmm…wrestlers are hot.
    I know it’s generally tactless to drool over straight guys in most situations, but IMO clothes like that forfeit your right to be choosy about who’s watchin’. 😛

    Also, nice one, Tyler!

  26. Cam, Sam, Adam. If you say Adam (A-damn?) incorrectly… it all rhymes. Love it.

  27. Jori? Punit?

    damn you and your freakishly sexually unspecific names!

  28. I imagine some people only have the use of one hand at the keyboard by now.

    I’m with slim on this one. The advantages to wrestling don’t stop there either.

    @ word: I imagine it could teach you a few new positions too.

  29. @ 13 slimjayz

    Who says I don’t want to get rolled? Or flattened? And I know all about keeping a wide stance on the bottom to keep my gravity centered. 😉 And excellent positions.

  30. @historyprof: I know a Jori – she’s a girl. Although I think it can be a guy’s name too. Not sure…

    But yeah, that’s definitely my favourite position. Me on top, a pile of my pil– I mean a GIRL — and a GIRL on the bottom. Yeah.

  31. I don’t want you to ring the wrong number slim, I left the “l” off life, but I’m sure you worked that out.
    I have a rooted “l”.

  32. I found word and slim’s little chat way more exiting than that boring picture…

  33. I’m with Mhn77.

    Wordpervert…….I’m trying to figure out the international dialling code on that number……..pity u so far!

  34. “omg you like dudes!”

    2010 and we’re still not over gay jokes yet eh?

  35. @ MyJobIsTheSuck – my thoughts, exactly.

  36. Yeah…the comments were a turn on. The post, not so much.

  37. lol

  38. gay jokes: lame. dude karate chopping ground with “hoiyah” facial expression as he’s being tackled: less lame. the happiness of laughter people receive on LB: priceless.

    ashamed to admit, while funny, first year or two of high school, I would go to wrestling matches just to see my neighbor …damned hormones.

  39. All of the names in the last one end in “am” :/

  40. okai so here’s the scoop…i hate people who offend this sport…i for one had been in wrestling for 8 years…it’s no different from gymnastics which guys have to wear leotards, baseball where guys have to wear tight pants, volleyball where guys have to ‘hit the ball’ just to get a point…talk about gay? no sorry but wrestling is a great sport…so diss it all u want, but just think of all the other sports on how common they really are.

  41. Diss wrestling all we want @Konkrete18? Alright… here goes: Baseball – the catcher receives the pitches from a dude throwing them as HARD as he can (sometimes in the FACE!), Gymnastics involves doing the splits on rings (or a “Split Ring”, as it’s commonly known in the “biz”), and volleyball involves juggling BALLS back and forth, until someone “scores”…

    …wait a second… I think you’re right… you’re saying ALL sports are gay!

    That IS what you were saying right? (including wrestling… or, as they say in the “biz”, EXTREME-man-cuddlin’-just-don’t-bite-my-balls-oh-gods-too-late-he-munched-my-balls)

    Lighten up Jericho.

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