Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Round and the Fury

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  1. OMG, libbyt, I completely missed the cape because of Antie Kate’s death threats and hopes for a miscarriage. Thank you. It looks like a XXL lobster bib that she put on backwards.

  2. *Auntie.

  3. lol Misty is the caped gestator! Actually, I think it is a jacket that is draped over her left (away facing) arm. See how it seems crooked?

  4. No, she’s definitely wearing a HUGE lobster bib as a cape. Definitely.
    That’s why she’s got such a friggin’ massive food baby. All that lobster.

  5. @74: That baby’s name will either be Destinee or Nevaeh if it a girl and Donnie Cubed if it is a boy, since the first kid is clearly Donnie Jr. #1 (see: DJ)

    Either way, that kid has no shot in hell at anything other than clerking a gas station.

  6. Oops, sorry, I didn’t mean Tyler, meant kaflooey.

  7. Hmm.. You know, I have that same type of relationship with my sister-in-law to be. That’s why I BLOCKED her. That option exists for a damn good reason.

    Then again, if more people realized that, we would be deprived of so many interesting lamebook entries

  8. @Your Dumber Than We Though Garunteed


    Congratulations on spelling ‘though’ correctly, but you should have inserted a comma before ‘guaranteed’. I wouldn’t have said anything apart from the fact that you seemed to be casting aspersions upon everyone else’s intelligence.

  9. Anything over 37 weeks is considered a “term baby”, not 40. Anything over 24 weeks is considered “viable” and they’ll do what they can to help it live. Labor nurse here. The majority of pregnancies don’t go to 40 weeks any more.

    They used to see you at the doctor’s office the second you knew you were pregnant. Now that doctor’s offices are so busy, they ask you to come in between 8 and 10 weeks in most cases. And yes, a good doctor will ultrasound to help more accurately predict the due date at the appointment – unless you just have a crappy doctor.

  10. I’m not sure what L&D nurse you are…

    Most doctors do not do early u/s. Most insurance companies don’t pay for them, and most doctors know they are unnecessary. In fact, newer studies show that u/s may be harmful. So no, a crappy doctor isn’t a doctor who doesn’t perform u/s early on.

    22 weeks is considered viable now.

    The only reason the majority of pregnancies don’t go over 40 weeks is because crappy doctors like to induce unnecessarily. It’s also why we have one of the highest c-section rates. A normal pregnancy is between 38-42 weeks. You aren’t considered over due until you are over 42 weeks – you may be past your due date but you aren’t overdue.

    Most doctors won’t see you until you are nearly in your second trimester and our of the most danger for a miscarriage – as they can’t do much to prevent a miscarriage anyway.

  11. frgsonmysox – during your first appointment the doctor does an ultrasound to make sure the pregnancy is viable (not ectopic, that kind of thing) It is what a responsible doctor (and one that doesnt want to be sued) does, especially because if the baby is not in the correct place, it can potentially kill the woman carrying it. A normal pregnancy is 38 to 42 weeks, you are correct, but I believe what baxter was trying to say is that they will not stop the labor if it is 37 weeks, because by then the baby should be developed completely. And the whole viable thing I believe depends on the state you are in, because I know in Flordia they were thinking of changing it to 19 or 20 weeks because of that one woman who lied and said her baby was 22 weeks when it was really 19 weeks and it survived.

    Anyway, that is all. ^_^

  12. Ectopic pregnancies are generally discovered by symptoms, not u/s. Most doctors do not perform u/s except for the 20 week one. And you can’t determine if a pregnancy is viable – you either miscarry or you don’t.

    I’m pregnant with my fourth child, studying to be an L&D nurse and a CNM and I can assure you that the responsible doctors don’t all do early u/s. Many many doctors do not perform them routinely, and most insurance companies will not cover them anyway.

  13. I’ve only had one baby but I had my first ultrasound at 6 weeks. Just throwing that out there.

    On a different note…why do people not get how important it is to RAISE A CHILD?! I am not a huge abortion advocate but sometimes I think it’s better…we don’t need more people being born and raised by selfish abusive jerks just to turn around and become selfish abusive jerks.

  14. There’s a distinct possibility that she’s actually pregnant and not showing yet, and, to complete the album, took a rather classy picture in a public bathroom while puffing her belly out to simulate the baby bump that will probably begin to show in a few weeks or so.

    Or maybe she’s just showing early.

  15. yeahh uhm i’m over 4 months pregnant with my first baby and I don’t have a belly like THAT going on. hm.

  16. that’s because it’s your first, retard. Number 2 and on will be different. My third, and last baby, we were afraid we were having twins. Pregnancy changes more than your family number.

  17. @monizuki This sounds like it is Misty’s first as well other than losing one early in the pregnancy. So I wouldn’t go around calling people retards. Plus even if it were her second, she still would probably not be showing that early in the pregnancy. At that point she was probably MAYBE 9 weeks. The baby is the size of a peanut at that point.

    I’m 28 weeks pregnant and she looks more pregnant than me lol.

  18. I can’t wait to see them on ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ or alternatively if they aren’t from the U.K., Jerry Springer?

  19. @Penny Lane: I couldn’t agree more with you. I can’t stand these people who feel alone and have kids as a solutions. At the end, they find out it wasnt the solution, so one prick more in the world! Nature MUST do something… I mean it 🙁

  20. All I have to say is that poor kid…

  21. Wtf this is so random..

  22. I hate to say it but that is not a FAT belly but a pregnant one. I have had 5 children so I know. And my sister always showed early so the statement that women don’t show til 5 months isnt accurate. Either ways, I think if I were attacked by my bf’s sister straight up I would go at her too. The bf’s sister started it. She seems to me to be that over protective sort of sister, or even a sister that is secretly sleeping with her brother….

  23. I think we should let Jeremy Kyle sort it out!!!!

  24. Rajiv Devani-Tilden

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH This is the most pathetic thing ever. But both are being completely unreasonable and outrageous.

  25. Allow being the brother


  27. jack_ed_miller

    Has anyone else noticed how this was added on January 4th? Doesn’t mean it was taken on January 4th, could have been taken weeks before explaining the early development. Let me know if I’m missing something 😛

  28. Brilliance!!

    -God’s investment(His Son) in you was SO great, he could NEVER leave you!-

  29. elixabeth is still a whore.

    These are some white trash bitches.

    That is all.

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