Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Sound of Settling

The Sound of Settling

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  1. Does anyone know what that even means?

  2. this one is a gimme, i know who that is.

  3. Another lamewad who missed their first three brilliant albums, but then got into them after watching The O.C.

  4. still a huge fan of the photo album

  5. hi boz

  6. Oooh Jordan, YOU’RE so hip. Anyone who likes their newer stuff (and might- gasp- have discovered them after you did) is obviously a poser and doesn’t REALLY UNDERSTAND Death Cab. Cut the pretentious crap before you end up on Lamebook too.

  7. Death cab is shit

    I don’t get this at all but Death Cab sucks dick anyways. Blink-182 is way better

  8. Blink 182 is lame now, too.

  9. Third Eye Blind FTW?

  10. Ahhhghgggg blink 182 and third eye blind = such crappp…

    Especially when compared to Death Cab. They’re newer stuff has been more on the suckish side, I admit, but they’re earlier stuff is way beautiful. You can’t listen to Company Calls Epilogue and think “that was a terrible song,” for example.

    And I get what this girl is saying, haha.
    Benjamin Gibbard is a looker.

    I wouldn’t go farther than that though, haha. He’s pretty much an asshole, from what I’ve seen from shows and in person and whatnot.

  11. You are all retarded

    On the contrary, Death Cab for Cutie, Blink-182, and Third Eye Blind are all complete shit. I mean, I listen to pretty much ALL genres of music and I still believe them to be terrible. Foo Fighters and Coheed & Cambria are my favorite “mainstream” bands and they both kick the fuck out of those bands.

    For people who also actually have taste in music, listen to Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Rush, Death, Devin Townsend, ANYTHING that has a vocalist that doesn’t whine the whole time.

  12. Uhm. Going to add to the comment shit. I listen to all those bands and love all of them. Haha.
    This isn’t TOO lame.

  13. Third Eye Blind’s first album is actually incredibly underrated. ‘Motorcycle Drive-By’ is a gorgeous song.

  14. I hate these pretentious assfucks who look down on other people for getting into bands later than they did. Everyone’s got to start somewhere, and Jesus Christ, at least it’s not Lady Gaga or some stupid shit like that. Shouldn’t you want the bands you like to be successful? On a side note, Mimi is absolutely right. For me though, music hit its post-Beatles peak with The Autumn Defense.

  15. Its great how the comments have turned into arguing about music.

    ‘You are all retarded’ – right on, PT and Opeth are the best bands around right now!

  16. OMG someone else who’s heard of Porcupine Tree! Have I entered the Twilight Zone? Also, I don’t care when anyone’s discovered the music they’ve discovered, I figure as long as they’re not listening to god-awful Autotune whinebots, e.g. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Lily Allen, etc., or anyone from American Idol, or any cursed “boy band” crapola (the Jonas Brothers being the latest example of said curse), or any other throwaway, disposable, plastic crap pop, hey, that’s good enough for me.

  17. I think nobody noticed that Transatlanticism is a song about having to end a relationship.

  18. oh no, clearly MY bands are the best. not YOURS.
    how can people really argue this? i also find it ironic that #11 lists Rush as “having a vocalist that doesn’t whine the whole time.” don’t get me wrong, Rush is a good band, but Geddy sounds like a cat being forever castrated.


  20. Well, congratulations, guys. This is the first time I’ve ever seen the comments on Lamebook be even lamer than the entry they’re discussing.

  21. Agreed, AyHy. You’re all pathetic. Why is it so difficult to understand that *GASP* we don’t all have the exact same tastes as you? Get the fuck off your high horse about “OMG I’M SO COOL BECAUSE NO ONE HAS EVER HEARD OF MY FAVORITE BAND.” Really? Good god.

  22. Oh my goodness! I loved reading all of these comments so much. You can’t buy entertainment like this! Bunch of douchetard music snobs!

  23. this is fantastic.

    dear 17 year olds, when you grow up you’ll come to realize that the music you like doesn’t define you and it DEFINITELY doesn’t make you cooler than anyone else.
    Music is around to make us feel good, not to impress other with what we know about it.
    OH and just to drive you all NUTS — I listen to Coheed, but i also listen to Taylor Swift.
    Big fucking deal.

  24. I’ll bet serious money commenters #s 19 – 23 are actually either defending their awful music likes by pretending not to really care about music or don’t actually like music so they take whatever processed crap the major label record companies throw at them and think that’s good enough. I noticed the distinct lack of anything intelligent in those particular comments, whereas comments #s 1 – 18 were actually intelligent, regardless of the music preferences professed.

    Also, mega irony point with “SERIOUSLY?”‘s quip about everyone in comments #s 1 – 18 being “17 year olds” when (s)he him/herself sounds like a high schooler who still thinks that impressing others is still a major purpose in everyone else’s lives. Guess what little kid, when you grow up that sort of thing kinda goes by the wayside. Also, when you grow up, you actually want to listen to music that has some real substance to it.

  25. Speaking as someone a decade older than these 17 year olds #24, I quite like Death Cab and have for nearly a decade. Does this mean I’ve not grown up yet since this music, according to you, lacks real substance?

    BTW I’m jealous of Ben because Zooey is totally hot. And yes, I’m a straight chick.

  26. @ Ah
    I think she’s referring to songs from the album “Transatlanticism.”

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