Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Triumph

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  1. Friendzoned for life. Kiss your balls goodbye

  2. Respect

  3. Um..what? Most girls refer to their boyfriend/fiance/husband as their best friend.

  4. What’s wrong with this? She actually likes her boyfriend enough to call him her best friend? All men should be so lucky. It’s pretty obvious this has absolutely nothing to do with the “friend zone” that a lot of douchebags claim to be in when their female friends aren’t attracted to them.

  5. ^ #4 Said it all.

  6. Your mom swallowed it all.

  7. Why is this on here? I don’t get it. Are we supposed to think that calling your fiancé your best friend is “lame”? My best friend is my husband. I wouldn’t be married to him if he wasn’t. Unless I’ve completely missed the point?

  8. Ummm.. Isn’t it self-explanatory? She’s hot as hell, he bravely proposed, she said yes. So he triumphed.

  9. Not saying it’s clever, just not difficult to figure out.

  10. Thanks, girl, for making proposals look egocentric… >.<
    the RING and HERSELF is in focus, the "best friend" is represented by 1/6 of his head. (research tells us people can be identified by their unique ears, though- I'm sure Dylan is grateful for that and tries to repress what the wedding pics will look like)…

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  12. Look at her profile pic…

  13. In her “he liked it so he put a ring on it” excitement, whoops…she forgot about her FB profile pic of her with her original BFF.

  14. Poor poor stupid fool actually proposed intentionally. Never ever marry them guys it’s never worth it and all the laws we have are barbarically in women’s favor when you inevitably have to divorce them.

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