Thursday, August 2, 2012

The WINja

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  1. Kid holds a grudge, and takes care of Troll later by fucking Troll’s sister.

  2. Or:
    “Kid comes to school the next day and lays motherfucking waste to the entire class and school with… “Assault” rifles!
    The community is in an uproar. School officials blame the OP for not letting the entitled cheater copy answers, as he is entitled to do. Story at 11.”

  3. T1000, this is your cue.

  4. Fake

  5. 60% fake.

  6. I did this once, but only with one out of five problems in a math quiz. Changed a zero to an eight and then back.

  7. Are you fuckers telling me that robot wanna-be, twat1000 has a following of other dorks who actually encourage him to make his stupid-ass “fake” comments? What the flying fuck is wrong with you?

  8. Fake!

  9. I wonder if that was James.

  10. Nails, yes, that’s about right, actually. Give them a bit of slack though; T1000, TI000, MattP82 and player (plus any other sad cases I’ve omitted from the list) all ride the short bus together, and have no other friends.

  11. The time/space continuum seems to have been compromised during this ‘exam’.
    op really had time to ‘take an unusually long time’ doing his troll exam, yet still had time to ‘slowly erase’ everything, and still do the full exam for a 100% result?

    what smells like it fell out the back end of a cow?

  12. I’ve done this before, in chemistry. My “answers” were all one letter down from the correct ones, so it’s not like I had to figure the questions out again. Not saying this isn’t fake, but it’s a possibility.

  13. What really happened.. Nerd caught meathead cheating off him. Nerd answered everything correctly and even went slow to give meathead time to copy it all down. Nerd went home and fantasised about being a ninja.

    I also liked Nails’ take on it @2.

  14. What REALLY happened: this is posted from the cheater who stole the kid’s phone after all this happened and copied his post.

  15. ^ what kind of thought process occurred when coming up with that train crash of a name? weak.

  16. I once cheated on a test a school.

    I pissed on my girlfriends Clearblue stick.

  17. Thanks franky, but I liked yours too, “fantasized about being a ninja.” Ha! 🙂

  18. Ready yourself Franky; Nails is bent over with his cheeks spread waiting for you to plug him.

  19. Franky is a chick, assclown. And I’m saving myself for your crustypissflaps anyway.

  20. *cheeks spread waiting for you to peg him.

  21. Peg him real good.

  22. *cheeks spread waiting for you to plug him. I apologise Franky, didn’t realise you were female. Guess you’ve shit out of luck as you’re the complete wrong gender for Nails. Hey Nails, how was the adoption? Did it go smoothly for you and your partner?Being gay and all I imagine the whole adoption process must be way more difficult.

  23. peg

  24. *fuck.

  25. Yes, crusty, it went well. You can call me Daddy for reals now. Go get ready for your bath, sweetlips; I know this is your favorite part!

  26. Aw. How cute. Nails got a puppy.

  27. should rename it Peggy.

  28. *Pluggy.

  29. ^ This.

  30. pluggy isn’t even a real name.

  31. ^ Fine. We’ll just go with Fucky.

  32. I hope he loses it in a crowded playground. And has to call for it.

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