Thursday, August 2, 2012

Love Hurts

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  1. Jordan is not creative

  2. Myself personally, I wouldn’t have put a name like Olivia on any part of my body, but I am assuming it was Jordan’s cock and not something stupid like a forearm or neck I will give his creativeness at 7/10

  3. Nice coverup on the tat.

  4. @2: I’m not sure “shit happens” is something you want tattoo’d on your cock either. Unless you go in for all that back-door shenanigans, not that there is anything wrong with that, other than it makes you a butt pirate.

  5. Genuine.

  6. #2 – “Myself personally” is redundant.

  7. Butt pirates are funny.

  8. I wonder if I could wiggle my dick into Olivia’s Orpheus.

  9. Go you.

  10. this would be funnier if olivia was dead.

  11. ^true, very true.

  12. I find the fact that Olivia has this photo and posted it herself hard to believe.
    But Travis seems like a catch.

  13. @12 If Jordan posted it and tagged her in it, it would show in her feed.

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