Friday, June 8, 2012

Think About It

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  2. Way to keep up the image that women are stupid, Michelle. Kudos to you and your family.

  3. ^she’s from Tennessee, lower your expectations.

  4. Fake.

  5. joshua is obviously in love with michelle

  6. i bought this new unscented arm and hammer deordarant and it doesn’t flippin’ work~ obese ewokin hell !!!

  7. ^Some people are just beyond help.

    Asians *are* cheap, 2 dollars is great value.

  8. Not funny. Not funny. Not funny. Now for the comments. Not funny. Not funny. Not funny. Not funny. Not funny. Not funny. Not funny. The way you people flap your gums I ought to be LOLing by now.

  9. #1. this is only funny if you don’t actually say it out loud. turns out most kids have a shitty sense of humour – that they probably inherited from their parent’s vast repertoire of shitty humour.

    #2. i’m trying to work out how this makes sense on any level? don’t asians make other asians? isn’t that what race is all about? kenny makes asians? WHAT?

    #3. why is this so fucking big? it makes it look like that ignorant cunt is shouting her confusion and bewilderment right at me. it’s too early in the morning for this. i fucking hate her.

  10. I’m hearing you, Ms, it’s fucking huge! Especially on my computer as I’ve got the font all magged up due to my computer screen being so far away from my face. Have to have the bastard set up this way so as to not cause further damage to my already damaged neck. Michelle, I hate you, too.

  11. Michelle likes ’em big.

  12. crustylovelips

    I met an old man, he was 84…told me his wife likes big heads.

  13. Dear T1000,

    You are so clever. I scroll the comments with bated breath searching for your ‘fake’ and then burst out laughing when I see it. So rich. So brilliant. Being so, would you check the following equation for me? I believe it’s correct but I would love your opinion.

    obesity + loneliness x infinite sadness = second grader’s humor.

    Mr. 67

  14. crustylovelips

    Do you lick the lid of life Mr. 67?

  15. Dakpainter67, Incorrect. You are fake.

  16. maybe kindergartner’s sense of humour. 2nd grade is a bit more sophisticated.

  17. Impossibly fake.

  18. Are you another cybernetic organism sent by skynet?

  19. Nope, you are.

  20. Yesterday, I saw Richard Simmonds rollerblade by, while standing 69’ing Elton John; and T100 is still the gayest thing I have ever seen.

  21. ^But T1000 is awesome.

  22. Hi Crusty. Before I answer your question, remind me; do I hate you?

  23. Michelle is clearly a bio major.

  24. I would like to break the dash and the period keys on Michelle’s keyboard. All that unnecessary punctuations really just makes me want to punch her Right. In. The. Duck. Lips with a made-for-belting-homeruns- bat.

  25. Teeko! When I was little a dove built a nest on our neighbors house. I named him Teeko.

  26. 1 – Kid: There’s a monster under my bed! Me: If you tell mummy or daddy I’ll kill them…

    2 – I like Asians. The polite slanty eyed ones not the blow things up brown ones… Only joking, they’re all cunts.

    3 – Given that Michelle has to read a pamphlet on how to drink water I’m surprised that the vapid fuckwit hasn’t drowned herself in a glass of Pepsi before now.

  27. Michelle – here’s a tip. Drink alcohol and you’ll get drunk. And hungover. Probably. Bet you didn’t know that. Just ask MsAnne up there for the cure.

  28. ^there is no cure for a hangover.

  29. But you were so sure!

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