Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This Blows

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  1. Very nice

  2. what are the odds that kayla deleted her fb account?

  3. Nananananananananana dumbass!

  4. The profile pic has the eyes masked, the photo has the mouth masked. Well done lamebook!

  5. The is a setup, now for the sad bit explaining how I know.
    It’s a screen shot from a sweet porn clip I’ve seen before (a few times).
    type beautiful girlfriend into a few top porn sites and you’ll recognise the face in one of the thumbnails, so she wouldn’t have a pic, she’d have the clip if she was the same girl but you can tell from the profile pic she ain’t.

  6. Doesn’t matter. Had sex.

  7. I found this “Kayla”, and her page is stupid. She’s obviously a wigger, and she needs to be removed from the gene pool anyway.

  8. sucks to be her.

  9. Hot.

  10. Why would she have a pic of her sucking dick on her phone? Wouldnt the dude have it on his? Maybe she is just trying to keep track of how many have been in her mouth.

  11. Haghan is right.
    Search “His girlfriend is so beautiful” on Xvideos, and there she is.

  12. Fuck, the amount of times people complain about Lamebook posts being “fake” and “boring” and “old”, yet this picture is SO OBVIOUSLY NOT REAL and all of a sudden it’s the best thing ever?? Damn. There’s been a lot of funny shit on Lamebook lately that is obviously real, yet this fake, unfunny picture everyone goes nuts over.

  13. “…all of a sudden it’s the best thing ever??”

    Where are you getting that from? Or was your post just an over elaborate attempt to slip in that hilarious* ‘nuts’ pun?

  14. Perhaps a friend/bf sent her the pic to point out the similarity in appearance?

    More importantly, is this what is called a “blowjob”, Beatus?

  15. yeah, I’m not sure who said it was the best thing ever

  16. “boner”

  17. @ Lost-Dog – Yes, and a blowjob is considered oral sex.

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