Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This is how we ruin our bodies

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  1. theregularsarelame

    Tats are as ghey as the regulars on here

  2. theregularsarelame

    My best friend stupid Danes mum makes $3.25 sucking stevers toe jam

  3. Ah tattoos, saving the government branding fuckwits as fuckwits.
    I have a full back tattoo and that doesn’t count

  4. Oh, btw, great tits.

  5. The tattoo shop I go to has a waiting list longer than these guys’ relationship.

  6. Wtf…am I supposed to understand what they’re trying to say?

    With our tiny muscles connected to our 18 year old hands that we punch each other with, because this is how we love each other. Domestic Violence yo.

    Damn now I feel all kinds of stupid for not understanding these tattoos.

  7. The Beast Among Us

    Would have been better to put those tats as tramp stamps. That way, you can remember that this is how you love doggie style.

  8. ^ or technically known as ‘Arse Antlers’ in the industry

  9. Is it just me or does anyone else think shea standing with a diff guy in her profile pic??

  10. Out the window with blurring faces. These siblings never had a chance at life anyways.

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  13. If you keep making love with your right arm, it’s your own fault if you end up blind!

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  15. I doubleuble fist that shit.

  16. Shit. I know that guy.

  17. And I’ve known her more frequently.

  18. #swtttyfk

  19. I hope they know a good laser surgery clinic.

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