Friday, May 1, 2009

Tim Likes Water Breaks


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  1. People should be shot for any update that involves the quantifiable length, width or breadth of a vagina.

  2. @andrea “breadth of a vagina!” Ha! Sounds like a risque Broadway musical.

  3. Tim likes this lmao!

  4. ew

  5. I’m amazed anyone would be turned on by something like this.

  6. Turned on? Who the hell said anything about being turned on?

  7. WHY does tim like this….???!?!?

  8. lol @ andrea – it’s not the vagina that dilates, it’s the cervix!!

  9. Andrea, you are lamer than the original post!

  10. isn’t “width” and “breadth” the same thing?

    @aw, you’re right, if it’s about a cervix and not a vagina, that makes it completely ok…..not

  11. Hello. It’s flexible. It’s like a gymnast that can do the splits. That doesnt mean her legs are all stretched out and loose looking, does it? no.

  12. anyone consider the possibility that what tim likes isn’t the actual dilation but the fact that hilary’s about to have a baby ?

  13. Andrea: I tollaly agree about people should be shot for any of those updates!, hahahaI laughed so hard!

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