Thursday, May 10, 2012


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  1. Johnny Cage.

  2. Liu Kang

  3. Donnie Darko

  4. jonathan wins.

  5. Nope, all gay.

  6. 1) Been done.
    2) Been done.
    3) Kind of clever. I laughed.

  7. I poop in a toilet.

  8. Why won’t these stop?

  9. Does Noelle have MS paint?

  10. Does Marcellus look like a bitch?

  11. Why r they all boys in the first on??!?!? Girlz can be ninjas tooo!!! Haha!
    I do t get the last one though??? Haha!

  12. Yup, timelines suck

  13. Haha i nO right? It looks stupid too!!! I like the extra picture space thingy cause I can put up another pic but I dont really undersand the other stuff how to use it. I liked a page to bring back the old fb but hopefully it works!! !!!! 🙂

  14. The second one looks like the line up for last years Cunt Factor final, or maybe it was Britain’s Got Cunts? I always get the two mixed up.

  15. @13 Holy fuck, are you like 13??

  16. nails, if I remove all of your skin with a nail file, you’ll find that the attention-whoring cunt will be unable to get beneath it.
    I fully believe that this proposal is a win for everyone.

  17. Could you possibly just use the warts on your furry furnace instead of a nail file? I feel then it will truly be a win. And will definitely be enjoyed by all.

  18. ^it’s a date.

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