Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tiny Triumphs

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  1. Stolen, stolen and set up and just plain lame.

  2. Paint_my_nails_please

    Really? What is there that is worth stealing?

    And more importantly, what should I have for lunch?

  3. Who are Sammie and Ronnie?

  4. @crane. Walking adverts for euthanasia.
    They are a couple of on/off twats from Jersey Shore.

  5. @crane, watch an episode of Jersey Shore, and you will know EXACTLY who Ronnie and Sammi are.

    Here are the true facts of the Jersey Shore.

    You see, Sammi is a really annoying bitch who is always complaining and crying while pretending she’s the sweetest person on earth. And “Rahn”(Ronnie) is like some kind of beast animal trapped inside a human body.

    Together they make the most dysfunctional couple ever. They pretty much break up/get back together every episode, and all their break ups involve some kind of huge fight where *Rahn let’s his inner animal run free and smashes everything and Sammi just screams and screams “STAHP IT RAHN! RAHN STAHP IT PLEASE”

    Last episode of Jersey Shore had a particularly epic fight, and someone must have noticed how Sammi sounded like an annoying vulture who can’t pronounce either the word Ron or stop, and so a “Rahn” meme was created.

    Here’s a few quotes for everyone’s enjoyment:

    “Rahn why are you being mean to meh? Stahp it. I’m trying to tawk to you. Rahn. LOOK AT MEH.”

    “Lyke wut am I suppozed tew dew!? Lyke itz nawt okey Rawhn itz notokey”

    Ahh, and here are these little gems haha


  6. That is so sad that 20+ people liked a Jersey Shore related status.

  7. Who has their gynae’s mobile number? (I assume she meant mms)

  8. Who send a picture of flaming lips to their son? Fucking in-breeders.

  9. She means she meant to send her gyno a pic of her son (gynos often have pics up all around of the babies they helped along) but sent her gyno the flaming lips instead.

  10. If you twats are anything like me, you all watch Jersey Shore but would never admit it.

  11. Didn’t get 2 or 3. Read in the comments about 2. Can’t be arsed to search for any about 3.

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