Monday, July 22, 2013

Tip for the Ladies

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  1. Fact

  2. That will make some try even harder! (Not me tho)

  3. Tip for the Men: If you’re struggling to pull some bit of would be feminist cock hole at the bar, but they’re putting up a bit of a fight, simply drug their drink and splash in them whilst they’re fast asleep.

  4. Haha, right, Stever. Make sure you get in the fact they you are a full-blooded hetero before throwing in your annoying, all-caps mating call.

  5. What the fuck are you doing at the bar alone if you have a boyfriend, bitch? Both you and the OP can go fuck yourselves.

  6. My response would be, “A penis AND a vagina or just a penis?”

  7. Was Stever on holidays or something? Either way, it was at least a couple of weeks of bliss.

  8. Steeeever doesn’t care if there is a penis. That still leaves him some man-gina.

  9. Or don’t got to places where people go solely to pick up people for reasonably anonymous sex.

  10. Margaret D. Harris

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  11. ^ there IS no BARRY!!!!! Go away Margaret Harrass!

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