Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tired of being stupid…

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  1. Brittney is most likely a blonde. Tsk tsk.

  2. My wife is a teacher. One of the new parents brought in her little lad, and introduced him as ‘Goo-ey’. “That’s an interesting name” my wife says, “Yes, I’ve always liked it, I found it in a book”. “Really! And how do you spell it?” “G-U-Y”.

  3. ^ Hey! He might be Hispanic.

  4. ^ It’s true. Of course, it would have been even better if the kid’s name was spelled “g-u-i.” He could have made millions with that one.

  5. Her parents named her Brittney. I don’t know what they expected.

  6. In French, it’s pronounced “fatty-gay.”

  7. Am I the only one seeing the words patient and employees? Please, dear Lord, do NOT tell me this woman is a licensed doctor or nurse of some sort…

  8. @6.merle1971

    The French word you’re thinking of is ‘fatigué’, meaning ‘tired’ past tense. The accent on the ‘e’ gives it the ‘gay’ part, and makes it past tense. ‘La fatigue’ is the French equivalent of ‘fatigue’ in English, meaning exhaustion, tiredness etc. Same pronunciation. *pushes glasses up bridge of nose*

  9. Yeah, Merle, that’s not how French works.

  10. Wait… French work?

  11. #7, I’m wondering what the fuck is the goo in the fat eye to which she refers?…seeing that she may be a doctor or a nurse or something.

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