Monday, May 20, 2013

To Catch A Grandson

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  1. Of course it’s not him.

  2. The authorities immediately issued a warrant for the arrest of Pitbull.

    …because of his crimes against music, not because he looks like this artist’s sketch.

  3. ^ Haha, classic. I despise Pitbull.

  4. ^ I used to hate him, until I realized that one day I can see Shakira, JLo, Christina Aguilera, Taio Cruz, Timbaland, Enrique Iglesias, Chris Brown, and many more, in the same concert. All for the price of Pitbull.

  5. I love how his profile picture is just like the sketch..

  6. You take the blue pill…

  7. Somebody needs to spay Pitbull; he keeps fucking around with other people’s music videos, not to mention music itself.

  8. Barber, a little off the top and i think we’ve got our pervert.

  9. Saying I can hear the music of other artists and all it costs me is having to listen to Pitbull is like saying I can eat at the finest restaurant in town for free, I just have to deal with them all being covered in a turd sauce.

    I don’t know what my personal hell will be like when I die, but I know for sure that Pitbull will be supplying the soundtrack.

  10. Lol sure its not lol

  11. @9 FYI, I was being absurd… I dislike Pitbull too. Maybe I should add smiley faces to my comments.

  12. @11: Ok, glad to see you aren’t suffering from a head injury. Unfortunately, sarcasm doesn’t always translate well in text.

  13. @beatus, nice one! “You have to see it for yourself”.

  14. Fuck that I want to be Pitbull. Seriously guys that guy has zero talent yet somehow gets all sorts of fame, money, and pussy. Who can’t root for the underdog. Now if he wanted to be president like that retarded boy from Texas was, and could actually fuck the country up I’d be worried.

  15. Dawn of the Dan

    “Muy bonita. Flaca. Baila, baila. Hop on my jet, girl, we’ll fly to *insert expensive island locale* or *insert expensive island locale.* Tostada deliciosa.”

    ^ There you go, Pitbull. Another multi-million dollar hit for you. I’ll take 1%, please?

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