Monday, October 1, 2012

Today’s Forecast

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  2. Can’t stand that word. Moist. Ughhhhhh.

  3. slicingupeyeballs

    Love that word. Moist…

    Moisty moisty moist moist, moiiisssst.
    Mmmmmm moist…

  4. steever is a moist & steaming turd.

  5. There are no women forecast for either Matt or Steever.

  6. Moisty!

  7. You want moist but normally they’re just unstable.

  8. ^ Sounds like you’re not performing well enough to keep them moist and happy, Uranus.

  9. it’s worse when you find moist in the wrong places.

  10. @8 sounds like you imagined me naked Bacchus derivative

  11. Actually, no.

    This is what I pictured:

  12. that’s the exact opposite of moist, right?

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