Monday, October 1, 2012

There Comes A Time…

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  1. That’s a fast spider!

  2. I would have not been able to man the fuck up, and would have laid the bike down in the rush to tear that thing off my face.

  3. It wasnt there at 25 mph or even full stop? Is this spider featured in the movie Back To The Future?

  4. Oh, it was there before, he just didn’t discover it until he was doing 90.

    I wonder how many times he hit himself before he realized it wasn’t working.

  5. slicingupeyeballs

    That IS a fast spider, no idea why it was in the eye of this bloke’s nob though…

  6. why can’t spiders fly?
    that would be awesome.

  7. ^ They can if you flick them off their web just right.

  8. That’s why you never wear a helmet.

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